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DEWALT DCG413B vs DCG412B Review

If you are in need of a heavy-duty product that can handle a variety of tasks, then you may be interested in a grinder. Grinders can help you cut, sand, and grind down a variety of materials, making them perfect for professional and personal projects. Dewalt has two very similar grinders on the market now, with a few key differences you should be aware of before purchase. Let’s take a look at both of these grinders, and see which one would be the best fit for your unique needs!

Dewalt DCG413B Grinder


The Dewalt DCG413B grinder is a heavy-duty product with a lightweight design, weighing only 4.1 lbs. for easier working during long projects. This grinder comes with a brushless motor that saves you from having to make any brush changes and adds longevity to the product. This grinder also comes with an e-clutch system that shuts the motor off in a wheel pinch, for your convenience.

This product has a regular brake and a kickback brake, which stops the wheel within two seconds of the trigger being released. This adds protection in case of an accident or drop.  Along with this, the Dewalt DCG413B comes with a One-Touch Guard. This enables you to adjust the guard position quickly and in a single movement. This product also features a spindle lock for your added convenience.

This grinder features an anti-wobble hitch pin, as well as a two-stage trigger. The two-stage trigger is much faster, and only takes two movements to start the tool up. On top of this, the Dewalt DCG413B also comes with an adjustable handle position, to make working with the product much easier. This product is a paddle grinder type, for your convenience.

The Dewalt DCG413B is ideal for heavier-duty tasks such as concrete, brick, and paver cutting jobs. This grinder takes a 20-volt battery, but does not come with one included. A battery and charger need to be purchased separately for use.

More features of the Dewalt DCG413B Grinder

  • Maximum speed of 9000 RPM
  • Arbor size of 0.625
  • 4.5 inch grinder
  • Works cordlessly

Dewalt DCG412B Grinder

Dewalt DCG412B
Dewalt DCG412B

The Dewalt DCG412B grinder has many of the same features as the previous product. This product is also lightweight, weighing only 6 lbs. This product takes a 20-volt battery, but doesn’t come with one. The batterymust be purchased separately, along with a charger.

Unlike the previous product, this product features a heavy-duty brushed motor. It also comes with a quick-change wheel release. This allows you to change the wheel quickly without using a tool. Along with this is a lock-off button, as well as a two-finger trigger switch to make using the product much faster. The Dewalt DCG412B also features a spindle lock, for added convenience. 

This product also comes with a two-position handle on the side, which allows you to have more maneuverability during your work. This product allows you to adjust the guard without a tool, so adjusting the guard is much faster and simpler as well.

The Dewalt DCG412B is designed for mechanics, contractors, electricians, and ironworkers. With its heavy-duty design, this grinder can even finish metallic materials with ease, making it a great option for professional use.

More features of the Dewalt DCG412B Grinder

  • Maximum speed of 8000 RPM
  • Arbor size of 0.625
  • 4.5 to 5 inch grinder
  • Works cordlessly


If you need a product that can help you handle a variety of heavy-duty industrial tasks with ease, then a grinder may be for you. If you prefer having a brushless motor with a higher RPM, a kickback brake, anti-wobble pin, as well as an e-clutch system, then the Dewalt DCG413B grinder may be the best choice for your needs. Conversely, if you prefer a brushed motor and don’t need as high of an RPM, as well as a quick-change wheel release, and great durability, then the Dewalt DCG412B grinder may be the best choice for you! Either way, both of these grinders offer great longevity and many convenience features to help you get through any difficult task with ease, making both a wonderful option!

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