Makita XRJ07ZB Review

If you have a job where you’ll be doing a lot of demolishing or remodeling, a reciprocating saw is essential. Even better, a compact model will allow you to fit into places where you couldn’t before, letting you make challenging cuts that were once impossible. Makita delivers with its high-quality XRJ07ZB. It’s lightweight, cuts fast, … Read more

Ingersoll Rand 429 vs 429G Review

If you need a product that can quickly cut through a variety of materials, a reciprocating air saw may be a good addition to your tool kit. Reciprocating air saws can cut wood, metals, plastic, drywall, and even Masonite for your industrial saw needs. Ingersoll Rand makes two very similar reciprocating air saws, with a … Read more


When you need a power tool for cutting wood, pipes, nails, and sheetrock, try a battery-powered reciprocating saw. It’s much more portable than a circular saw. And it’s much easier to manage when you’re up on a ladder. The only problem is deciding which reciprocating saw is best for your tool collection. Let’s review two … Read more

Ryobi P514 vs P515 Review

You’ll love doing demolition with a reciprocating saw. Are there nails in the way? Cut through them with a hacksaw blade. Need to cut tile for new plumbing? No problem, use a tungsten-carbide abrading blade. Saw through just about anything you can imagine, just change the blade to fit the task. Of course, you need … Read more

Makita XRJ03Z vs BJR182Z Review

Who doesn’t love demolition? Reciprocating saws make it easy to take apart and tear down wood, metal, sheetrock, and plastic. They’re useful for making openings in walls and flooring, like for pipes. They slice through nails and pipes. You can even trim trees. These two cordless saws from Makita let you work where you need … Read more