Brother LB5000 Reviews

Brother is one of the finest names in the sewing industry, known for producing high-quality machines for sewing and embroidery. The LB5000 model is a versatile machine that offers users an easy entry into both crafts. We’ll take a look at its pros and cons before providing a recommendation. Brother LB5000 Specifications The Brother LB5000 … Read more

SINGER 3337 vs 3342

When many consider sewing machines, Singer is a top name that springs to mind. Typically, tailors seek portability when choosing their new machines, and Singer does not disappoint with the 3337 and 3342 sewing machine models. We’ll compare these two models based on stitch offerings, versatility, and experience level needed to operate them before offering … Read more

SINGER 44S vs 64S

Singer has long been a name in the sewing business. It is associated with dependability, durability, and fine quality. With the 44S and 64S, the company did not disappoint. These sewing machines deliver a powerful punch in terms of ruggedness, versatility, and control. We’ll compare them based on stitches, construction, and customizability before making our … Read more

Janome Skyline S3 vs S5 Review

If you have detailed projects to sew, you need a high-caliber sewing machine for the job. Finding one that offers all the features you need can be extremely difficult. Janome has created two models, the Skyline S3 and the Skyline S5, that offer excellent features that will solve this problem. We are going to compare … Read more

Janome MOD-19 vs MOD-15 Review

When shopping for a sewing machine, it’s hard to find a high-quality machine that is also capable of excellent output. Janome presents two models, the MOD-19 and the MOD-15, that have excellent features and great quality. We are going to compare the two based on user skills as well as project needs. Janome MOD-19 The … Read more

Brother LX3817A vs LX3817 Review

Whatever your requirements and budget, there is always a sewing machine that will suit your needs. Full size sewing machines are great devices to start. Since they are equipped with more than basic features, you can start sewing easily as a beginner. With a full size sewing machine you can alter, decorate, mend, and sew … Read more

Bernette 79 Review

With the embroidery sewing machines, you can create your favorite masterpieces easily. Because of these feature-packed machines, you can do embroidery, decorative stitching, and add monograms. Therefore, in this post, we are going to review Bernette 79, which is a special sewing and embroidery machine. This combination can give you great contentment as you can sew as … Read more

EverSewn Sparrow 25 vs 30 Review

Have you just starting with your sewing project or want to upgrade your current sewing machine? If yes, the Eversewn machine offers a broad range of high quality to help with your sewing projects. Though this is a new name to the market, but they’ve quickly made their place because of their beautifully designed machines. … Read more

Brother SQ9285 Review

There are lots of sewing machine brands on the market and they are known for their specialized features. The Brother sewing machines are known for top-notch features at affordable price. The Brother SQ9285 is one of these machines and is good for beginners and experts both. Though the machine has latest and advanced features, it … Read more

Brother GX37 vs XR3774 Review

Sewing machines these days are packed with advanced features to make your sewing experience easier and more enjoyable. The Brother sewing machines are equipped with cutting edge technology and they feature user-friendly designs. Many sewing machine users find it difficult to make a choice between machines from the same brand. This is the reason we … Read more