BOSCH GTA3800 Review

Because of the advances made in miter saw technology, they are now more essential to shops and on the job site than ever before. However, you need a stable workstation to get the most out of them. Being truly mobile requires a dependable miter saw stand. We’ll evaluate the Bosch GTA3800 miter saw stand, considering ease of use, mobility, and versatility.

Bosch GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Stand Specifications


The Bosch GTA3800 is made from dependable aluminum extrusions that are supplemented with steel components at critical points for additional support. These steel components include steel extension arms and rollers. These features ensure this stand is easy to use and has excellent stability.

One of its best features is its compact size. It comes in at 43 pounds before you attach your miter saw. When the material supports are fully retracted, the Bosch GTA3800 measures 62 inches long. After extending the supports to their full length, the stand reaches 153 inches long. These supports are essential, as they allow you to work with materials that measure up to 16 feet long.

Like many other miter saw stands, the Bosch GTA3800 has an adjustable foot. You’ll never have to worry about finding perfectly level surfaces to work on again. Simply adjust the foot until the miter saw stand is stable, and you’re ready to get to work.

When considering other miter saw stands, the Bosch GTA3800 outclasses the Makita WST06. Because its full support extension length is 153 inches, it boasts the ability to work with longer materials than the Makita WST06, which only extends to 100 ½ inches. However, if you’re looking for easier mobility, the Makita WST06 only weighs 33.7 pounds to the Bosch GTA3800’s 43 pounds.

Getting started with the Bosch GTA3800 is quick and easy, as the unit comes partially assembled. The legs are already attached and in the folded position. The instruction manual clearly walks you through the process of the remaining assembly steps, which can be completed in about 20 minutes.

The Bosch GTA3800 is compatible with all Bosch miter saw models. Because of this, the saw mounts are fully adjustable. Additionally, once you’ve mounted the saw, you can transport the saw stand with it attached. Without the saw mounted, you have two options for transport—carrying it with the handle on the side of the frame or rolling it by the handle cut into the end of the frame.

This miter saw stand’s roller supports feature built-in stops. This is essential for making repetitive cuts on the left and right sides. They can be adjusted to match the miter saw’s surface, making precision the name of the game.

Other Features

The Bosch GTA3800 also boasts these features:

  • Compatibility with most miter saws on the market, not just Bosch
  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Carry handle with wrench storage
  • Dual sliding rails


Choosing the Bosch GTA3800 for your shop or to work on various job sites would be a worthwhile investment. This dependable, durable miter saw stand can work with almost any miter saw available, provides accurate repetitive cuts, and supports long materials. It is ideal for anyone working in the carpentry or related contracting industries.

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