Oregon 620-120 Review

Chainsaw users face the inevitable time when they need to sharpen their chains. This can be very tedious if done with a hand file. This is where benchtop grinders come in. They make the sharpening process much easier and more efficient. Oregon offers the 620-120 as a powerful option. We will evaluate it based on … Read more

Oregon 511AX vs 520-120

For those who work with chainsaws, having an efficient sharpener/grinder is essential to maintaining the chains. Oregon has released two models, the 511AX and the 520-120, that offer excellent sharpening features. We will be comparing the two models based on grinding wheels, vises, and adjustability. We will make a recommendation based on user need. Oregon … Read more

Oregon 410-120 vs 520-120 Review

If you’ve had experience sharpening a chain saw chain with a file, you know two things. Sharpening manually with a file takes a lot longer and it’s hard to get the angle right. Instead, pro users prefer using a saw chain grinder. But how do you know which grinder is best for your saw? Today … Read more