WEN MSA330 Review

If you’ve invested in a miter saw, you’ve likely considered adding on a miter saw stand. They’re great for increasing speed, reliability, and safety while working. Many who travel between various job sites have turned to the WEN MSA330 for its reported reliability and durability. We’ll evaluate it based on special features, ease of use, and dependability.

WEN MSA330 Specifications


The WEN MSA330 is a universal miter saw stand that can accommodate nearly any miter saw you can find, including all the WEN models. With its sturdy, dependable 1½-inch diameter steel frame, your miter saw will be elevated 33 inches off the ground at all times, creating an easy-to-use workspace. This durable frame gives more than 330 pounds of support for the saw and materials.

You’ll find the legs of this model to be more than up to the task of supporting your saw and materials. Despite being transportable, the table doesn’t lose anything when it comes to rugged dependability when stationary.

The WEN MSA330 stand is collapsible and features two 8-inch wheels that will never go flat. This ensures you have ease of transportation wherever you need to take your miter saw. Its foldable design adds to its transportation capabilities, making it even easier and safer to move around the shop. In addition, the WEN MSA330 has support arms that can be extended from 32 to 79 inches, allowing for the support of boards measuring up to 10.5 feet long.

In addition, it is equipped with rollers to make working on your projects even easier. While many other models feature simple blocks on the support arms, the WEN MSA330 goes above and beyond with smoothly moving rollers to make any project a breeze.

This miter saw stand is fully equipped with three 120 V outlets, providing up to a total of 15 A of power. You’ll have no trouble meeting the needs of any of your saws or tools. Installation and adjustment of your miter saw has never been easier than with the WEN MSA330. It features quick-release brackets that will tightly lock the saw in place.

No one likes to see their investments damaged through normal wear and tear. WEN takes care of this concern as well with the powder-coated finish that protects the saw stand’s body from corrosion and other types of marring.

POWERTEC offers a similar product with their MT4000V miter saw stand. Like the WEN MSA330, it features the capability to support 330 pounds, has 8-inch wheels, is portable, and features onboard outlets. The primary difference between the two models is that the WEN MSA330 offers 120 V outlets while the MT4000V only provides 110V.

When you choose the WEN MSA330, you’ll enjoy how easy it is to assemble. Additionally, when it’s time to pack up and move, you’ll have no problem releasing the legs and folding it up. The only downside is that you will need to remove the saw to move the stand.

Other Features

The WEN MSA330 has the following features:

  • Three 15 A 120 V outlets conveniently located onboard
  • Quick-release brackets
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Two table extensions
  • Two height-adjustable rollers
  • Two-year warranty


The WEN MSA330 proves to be a reliable addition to any carpenter’s equipment list. If you have a miter saw and travel between several work sites, you need a reliable miter saw stand that won’t let you down. The MSA330 is perfect for these situations. With its onboard power source, never-go-flat wheels, and ease of use, you can’t go wrong with adding this stand to your list of essential tools and equipment.

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