WEN CT1065 Review

Once you get into a new hobby, it can take a while to learn about the latest technology and what works best to get the perfect result. This is even more true with hardware and construction. Not only is it essential to have the tools that make your projects effective and efficient, but safety features play a crucial role in your decision. Whether you have been using a variety of table saws for decades or are just starting out in the workshop, doing your research ensures you choose the perfect product to fit your needs.

The WEN CT-1065 circular track saw has gotten professionals in the construction business talking because of its clean cuts and safety elements that stand out from other products in the market. Let’s look together at some of these features that may make the WEN CT-1065 exactly what you’re looking for.

Product Features

WEN CT1065
WEN CT1065

The WEN CT-1065 plunge cut circular track saw has a 6.5 inch blade and can get to 5500 RPM. The blade can bevel at 45 degrees and stays constant as you cut. You can rest easy knowing that its 10-amp motor can tackle the toughest job without breaking a sweat. This particular WEN model has 3 blade settings: scoring cuts (about ⅛-inch deep), plunge cuts, and a setting to simplify blade changes. With a base that has precision grooves, you can maneuver boards with ease and control.

When a baseplate is made of steel like this one is, you know it’s built to last. Some tracks and saws are interchangeable, so you can check into potentially combining this saw with a track you own or one you want to combine. Just reach out to customer service technicians to see if your matchup is supported by this particular product.

The most interesting feature of this particular track saw, in my opinion, is its back-mounted dust port built to collect sawdust and debris as you build. You can attach dust collection devices to help control the mess before it gets too bad – keep your workshop nice and tidy with a vacuum or container for the sawdust.

More Features

The reviews of this product overall are mostly positive, with several consumers over the moon with how the WEN CT-1065 circular track saw has revolutionized their construction projects. Many users of this saw recommend other tracks to put with the saw itself other than WEN tracks, so again, this is something you should consider. It can increase glide and lessen the potential for rough edges and difficult cuts.

It seems to be a pretty basic saw, potentially perfect for starting out. While it does not have many upscale features like much pricier options, the circular track saw does the basic jobs well.

All WEN products come with a two-year warranty, so if this saw isn’t exactly what you have been looking for, customer service can help you find something that is a better fit, or equip you with service technicians to use the product you purchase to its full capacity.

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