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Eryone Thinker S Review

For many of us, 3D printing still feels like something from a Star Trek episode, otherworldly in its futuristic complexity. These machines are becoming more and more common, however, and therefore more affordable. Here we are looking more deeply into a specific model of 3D printer that everyone in the market is talking about: the Eryone Thinker S with Resume Print.

This 3D printer is very versatile and can help you create a wide variety of new products. Its printing volume is 300 * 300 * 400 mm, and since it only has a 3-step setup process, you can be creating as soon as you get the printer delivered. Very little calibration is needed to achieve printing success.

The “resume print” option is an important feature to point out as well. When the mainboard stores the height of the Z-axis even when the power is shut down, it ensures that in a power failure, the print can continue where it left off. This has the potential to save you from hours of wasted work in the case of an emergency or power malfunction.

Its 2560 MotherBoard and fans are quiet and streamlined, so the printer will not distract from the rest of your workspace. While most standard 3D printers run about 66 dB of sound, the Eryone 3D printer produces about 48 dB, which is much quieter. Some customer reviews even claimed that they could have put this printer right next to their bed and would have had no trouble sleeping all night! That’s quite a bit of confidence in a product.

Just like with standard printers, leveling and steadiness is important to get the best product – this machine is compatible with auto-leveling sensors, so it is easy to add on the feature in an update. Users of the product reported very infrequent need to recalibrate or readjust the settings in comparison to other 3D printers they had used.

The most unique feature of the Eryone Thinker S is its maflex bed surface with a magnetic flexible steel plate, making removal of the printed product much easier than glass bed products where things can get trapped. The V-slot wheel does not need to be tuned or adjusted like most 3D printers, meaning less maintenance and hassle in the long run. The V-slot wheel is also abrasion resistant, so it can withstand more use over years without constantly wearing down over time.

Overview of Top Qualities:

-Fast and easy set up

-Higher build volume

-Power backup resume printing ability

-Works with auto-leveling sensors

-Runs quickly and quietly

-Magnetic Flexible Plate – easy removal of project

Overall, this seems to be a great product that consumers really enjoy. Reviews celebrate the ease of use and durability of the Eryone 3D printer, and the unique features help it stand out among the growing competition. I would be more than happy to tackle printing projects with this machine because of its easy set up, streamlined design, and volume space. If you’re in the market for a printer to create whole new objects with, this could be a great choice.

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