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FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro2 Review

At-home 3D printing has gained a lot of popularity. Users are interested in being able to print a variety of projects from their own workspace. Flashforge has designed the Creator Pro2 to be a versatile printer to meet these needs. We will base our recommendation on project needs as well as user skill. 

Creator Pro2 with Independent Dual Extruders

The Creator Pro2 is a desktop 3D printer that offers many great features. It is an IDEX printer with easy assembly and a wide range of available materials. 

The original Creator Pro featured a single print head with two parallel nozzles, which is completely different from the upgraded Creator Pro2. Because of the upgrades, the Creator Pro2 offers more print modes that were impossible on the original Creator Pro. 

FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro2

Dual Extruders

The Creator Pro2 features two independent direct drive print heads. They can move independently of each other along the Z-axis. Because of this, it can print two models simultaneously or mirror them. It can also combine materials and colors in one print. 

A downfall to dual extrusion that many users will find is that the nozzle that’s not being used leaks. To deal with this, the Creator Pro2 comes with two nozzle wiping utensils. Additionally, tools can be selected in the slicing software to prevent oozing, like a purge wall or tower. 

What this all boils down to is that users can print soluble support structures. This is something that is required for models with a lot of overhang. 


Assembly is relatively easy. The most difficult part is attaching the direct-drive extruders, which can take a few minutes. It features a plastic door and plastic hat for maintaining the temperature of the print space. The printer itself is rather solid and comes equipped with carrying handles for easy movement. 

Build Space

The print volume is 200 x 148 x 150 mm. However, when using mirror and parallel modes, the build volume trims down to 80 x 148 x 150 mm and 95 x 148 x 150 mm, respectively. Its heated bed is covered with a Buildtak-like sticker that will adhere to any first layer. 


The hotends heat to 240C. This allows for the use of a wide variety of filaments. However, it will not work with anything higher grade than PETG. Engineering-grade materials are not an option for this printer. 

The removable cover allows users the option of working with temperature-sensitive materials like ABS. This is due to the constant temperature that results in less warping and fewer overall print failures. The cover can be completely removed when working with PLA. 

Slicing Software

Flashprint, which is the slicing software that comes with the printer, is not that great. Users can quickly set up dual extrusion prints but will not have the same control over print quality parameters that other cutting-edge software offers. 

Print Loading

Users load prints via an SD card. Calibration and leveling must be done often if it is difficult to remove prints from the bed. 


Clearly, the Creator Pro2 offers some excellent features. It is a dual extrusion printer, offering the ability to print multiple models at once. It works with a wide range of materials and is very easy to set up. This printer is an excellent choice for beginners as well as users who have a lot of prints to create. 

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