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Raise3D 101016001 Pro2 Review

If you are in the market for a professional grade 3D printer, the Raise3D 101016001 Pro2 3D Printer is one of the best ones that is currently out there. In this brief product review, we will be breaking down just what sets this 3D printer apart from the rest, and why you just may want to consider investing in it! We will additionally provide you with the best features and specs so that you may make sure that this investment is going to be in your best interest.

Raise3D 101016001 Pro2 3D Printer

Raise3D 101016001 Pro2

The Raise 3D provides users with the power of the Dual Extruder which employs an unmatched dual toothed-wheel design boasting significantly higher competency when it comes down to grabbing the filament. This overall improved design also offers an increase in the torque speed, by upwards of 400%. The Raise 3D also provides you with more reliability, accuracy and overall the overall ability to utilize a more flexible filament such as TPU more easily.

The Pro2 model also boasts a sensor which instantly pauses the printing process in the event that the filament malfunctions or if it simply runs out. The Raise 3D Pro2 additionally offers a built-in camera to ensure closer monitoring capabilities.

The Raise 3D also provides you with a super-handy HEPA filter which significantly reduces emissions that may take place during the process of printing. The HEPA filter is highly beneficial if you plan on using your 3D printer in a shared location or if you are using a non-toxic filament like PLA (which tends to give off a pretty strong odor).

The Pro2 also has a minimum layer height of 10 microns, its maximum is 250 microns, and its nozzle size is also as small as 0.2 mm, meaning that it provides the user with unmatched precision. And, if your area is prone to power outages, or you simply want to plan ahead a bit, the Pro2 does not require you to recalibrate following a power outage.

The motion controller’s size is massive when compared to some of its competition and stands at a hefty 32 bit. Such a large amount of processing power also allows for quicker and significantly more efficient printing due largely to the fact that more computations are permitted to take place in real-time. Finally, you can also connect with the Pro2’s remote user interface to ensure a proper wireless experience.

More Features of the Raise3D 101016001 Pro2

Package Dimensions: 37” x 28.5” x 28”

Weight: 130 Pounds

Compatibility: 300℃

Build Volume: 12” x 12” x 11.8”

Screen: 7″ Touch Screen


The Raise 3D Pro2 really has a tremendous amount of incredible features which really sets this one apart from the competition. And depending on what you are looking to get out of your 3D printer, this one can really stand up to the challenge. If you are looking for a cut-above-the-rest 3D printer, the Raise 3D Pro2 is most certainly one that you should take into some pretty serious consideration!

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