xTool D1 Reviews – 5W Rotary vs 10W Rotary

Laser engravers are becoming more popular as creative individuals want to have more tools at the ready to complete their own DIY projects. They can be used to make jewelry or engrave special pieces. xTool D1 offers two models, the 5W Rotary and the 10W Rotary, that offer excellent features. We will base our recommendation … Read more

MR.CARVE M1 review

Laser engraving is a popular alternative to chemical etching. It is safer and can be done in the comfort of the user’s own home or workshop. More and more users are opting to buy their own engraver. MR. CARVE offers the M1 as a versatile option for laser engraving and it has many excellent features. … Read more

JPT Fiber Laser Engraver Review

Laser engraving technology is used for the engraving of metal workpieces. These workpieces are typically exposed to different types of wear or surface treatments. A laser engraver is an important tool to have for detailed jobs like engraving jewelry, gifts, and other small metal pieces. Xincheng Precision offers a line of JPT Fiber Laser Engravers … Read more

100w Laser Cleaning Machine Review

Laser cleaning is a very environmentally friendly process. It’s used in applications to remove rust, oxides, paints, and other impurities on metal surfaces. It has increased in popularity due to its high level of efficiency. A portable laser cleaning machine is essential for users who need to maneuver with their device to get to all … Read more

LaserPecker 2 vs Pro Review

LaserPecker offers two lightweight laser engravers, the LaserPecker 2 and the Pro. Both offer excellent features but we will be comparing them based on what kind of materials they can engrave, safety, and product warranty. We will base our recommendation on user skill level as well as project needs.  LaserPecker 2 The LaserPecker 2 is … Read more


Many hobbyists have expanded their tools to include laser engravers.  Two excellent engravers on the market are the SCULPFUN S9 and the ATOMSTACK X7 Pro.  Both offer great features; however, we will be comparing them based on safety, engraving size, and laser focus.  We will base our recommendation on user skill level as well as … Read more

ATOMSTACK S10 Pro Review

Laser engraving has become a popular hobby.  Because of this many at-home laser engravers have been developed, offering many different features.  Offering cutting and etching techniques, these units work with a multitude of materials.  The Atomstack S10 Pro is a laser engraver that offers advanced features both in project output as well as in safety.  … Read more

SCULPFUN S6 Pro vs s9 Review

Sculpfun offers two laser engravers, the S6 Pro and the S9.  While both engravers offer excellent safety features, easy laser focusing, and a large engraving area, we will be discussing the differences between the two.  These differences will be based on precision, power, and modification ability.  We will base our recommendation on project needs as … Read more

ATOMSTACK A5 M40 vs A5 Pro Review

ATOMSTACK offers two desktop laser engravers, the A5 M40 and the A5 Pro.  Both engravers are innovative, offering high precision engravings.  We are going to break down the differences between the two models based on precision, safety, and speed.  Our recommendation will be based on project needs as well as user skill level. ATOMSTACK A5 … Read more