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MR.CARVE M1 review

Laser engraving is a popular alternative to chemical etching. It is safer and can be done in the comfort of the user’s own home or workshop. More and more users are opting to buy their own engraver. MR. CARVE offers the M1 as a versatile option for laser engraving and it has many excellent features. We will base our recommendation on user skill level as well as project needs.

MR. CARVE M1 Fiber Laser Marking Machine


MR. CARVE’s M1 is touted as the world’s smallest laser engraver. While tiny, all of its engravings are as smooth and clean as any competitor’s. It features industrial-grade resolution, the ability to work with a wide range of materials, and superb speed.

When compared to the LaserPecker 2, the M1 offers users superior speed. However, its power and material applications fall short of this competitor.


The M1 uses a 1064 nm wavelength laser. The laser has superior etching capabilities. There is an electro-optic modulator inside the laser head that transforms the 2 W laser into a 15 kW infrared pulse laser. This in turn transmits 25,000 frequencies for extremely effective hard surface engraving.

Speed and Accuracy

This engraver features speeds up to 10,000 mm per second. It has an engraving accuracy of 0.001 mm, which is amazing for its size.

Engravable Materials and Objects

It works with metal, leather, acrylic, plastic, and paint materials. The engraver features an inner hexagon spanner to firmly brace the objects being engraved. This provides an accurate etching effect. It has a 180-degree rotating laser head. With this, there is unrestricted etching. Any object of any shape and size can be engraved so long as it is of a compatible material.


The M1 is constructed of high-strength metal. This will keep the unit stable during operation, eliminating any vibrations and other unwanted movements. It features a built-in fan that cools the device quickly. It is expected that the device will endure for 50,000+ hours of engraving time.


Assembly is easy and is finished in a matter of minutes. Users will simply need to install the Y-axis and tighten the X-axis.


Safety is a top priority. It is impossible to sustain an injury during operation as the M1’s laser does not work on human skin. It is, however, recommended that users wear protective goggles during laser operation. If the device works continuously for more than 5 hours, the rated power will automatically decrease to prevent overheating.

What’s In the Box

The M1 laser engraver comes with

  • Ruler
  • L-shaped positioner
  • Safety goggles
  • Small focusing plates (5)
  • USB drive preloaded with software
  • Inner hexagon spanners (3)
  • Large focusing plates (3)
  • Type-B cable
  • Power cord


It is evident that the MR. CARVE M1 offers excellent features. As an extremely compact laser engraver, it can go anywhere, and it can work on projects that other engravers can’t. It features excellent safety features, easy assembly, and an amazing laser. We recommend this laser engraver for all users from novices to professionals.

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