RIKON 25-135H Review

Planers are very important to the woodworking trades. It is very critical that all the boards users are working with conform to the same dimensions. A planer will take care of this. RIKON offers its 25-135H as an option for these tasks. It offers great features that we will be exploring. We will make our … Read more

Grizzly G1021X2 Review

For users who have a woodworking shop or carpentry business, it is essential to have the ability to obtain boards of a custom thickness. Ordering from a supplier can be a real headache so many people turn to the use of planers. Grizzly offers users the G1021X2 as an option to add to their woodworking … Read more

WEN PL1326 Review

Benchtop planers are a necessity for a woodworking operation, whether it’s a professional or private outfit. The WEN PL1326 is a versatile option offering many great features. We will base our recommendation on user skill level as well as project need. WEN PL1326 Spiral Benchtop Thickness Planer The WEN PL1326 is a benchtop spiral planer. … Read more

WEN PL1252 Review

Having a good portable planing tool on the jobsite can make planing and dimensioning rough lumber a breeze.  One of these tools can allow users to turn rough, rugged, old, and worn-out wood into smooth, ready-to-use planks for their projects.  The WEN PL1252 is a great portable planer that offers excellent features for users to … Read more

JET JWP-15BHH Review

Those who have been shopping for a new helical cutterhead planer have unsurprisingly been met with a tremendous amount of options in terms of all of the brands and options that are out there. If you are currently in that boat, then this is the article for you. Here, we will be shedding a bit … Read more

WEN 6550 vs 6552 Review

A benchtop planer can save you a lot of money in the long run. You can use it to smooth rough-sawn lumber, repurpose used wood, and avoid buying expensive pre-cut boards at the hardware store. But there are few things to consider when deciding which planer is best for you. Let’s review these two from … Read more