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RIKON 25-135H Review

Planers are very important to the woodworking trades. It is very critical that all the boards users are working with conform to the same dimensions. A planer will take care of this. RIKON offers its 25-135H as an option for these tasks. It offers great features that we will be exploring. We will make our recommendation based on user skill level as well as project needs.

RIKON 25-135H Portable Planer

The RIKON 25-135H is a portable planer. It features easy assembly, easy changing blades, quiet operation, and dual speeds. It is great for many woodworking applications.

By the way, the Dewalt DW735 is very similar in features to the RIKON 25-135H. They both offer easy blade-changing capabilities and dual speeds. The Dewalt DW735, however, is unlike the RIKON 25-135H in that it only offers users one dust port.

RIKON 25-135H


First of all, the RIKON 25-135H requires minimal assembly, which means that users will have it up and running within minutes of getting it out of the box. It comes with all tools and screws needed. The instructions are straightforward for even the most novice user.


This planer features two speed rates, 16 and 26 SF per minute. One speed is for detailed finishing while the other is for quick thickness planing. All cuts resulting from either speed are supremely smooth.


It features a segmented cutterhead that has 26 blades arranged in six straight rows. These blades enter the wood straight on, not at an angle. Rotating and changing the blades is straightforward.

Because there is access on the back to get to the blades, the process of rotating a cutter is super-fast and easy. Users will be able to get the task done quickly and get back to woodcutting.

Dust Ports

The machine features two dust ports on the back. One is 2 ½ inches and the other is 4 inches in diameter. There is one exiting on either side of the planer. Dust collection is better with a connection to the 4-inch port.

Other Specifications

The helical head offers a much quieter operation than other designs. The unit features onboard tool storage. This way users won’t lose their tools in between uses.

Customer Service

Customer service at RIKON is through actual people. If a user has a problem and they call the hotline, they will speak to a person and not a machine. This is very beneficial to achieving a solution to their problem more quickly.


Clearly, the RIKON 25-135H offers users excellent features when it comes to taking care of their planing needs. With aspects like 26 sharp and easy-to-change blades, easy assembly, dual speeds, and two dust ports, this planer offers users nearly everything they could want in a tool like this. We recommend this model for those who don’t have a lot of space in their shops but still need the benefit of a planer. It’s an excellent choice for a novice woodworker because of its easy-to-use features. Hobbyists will also enjoy this planer.

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