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Phrozen Sonic XL 4K review

Resin 3D printers have been gaining popularity. While more difficult to use than their filament-using counterparts, they produce some of the most detailed prints imaginable, making the effort worth it. Because of this, they are in higher demand. We are going to evaluate the features and specifications of Phrozen’s Sonic XL 4K. We will base our recommendation on user skill level as well as project needs.

Phrozen Sonic XL 4K

Phrozen Sonic XL 4K

Comfortably fitting on a desktop, the Sonic XL 4K features ease of use, vast resin compatibility, and excellent resolution.

Compared to the Sonic 4K, itfeatures a 45% bigger build volume. Both printers offer a long-lasting LCD, compatibility with third-party resins, and fast printing speeds.


The Sonic XL 4K features amonochrome 4K LCD that measures 8.9 inches. This screen provides even light distribution across the print plate with its proprietary ParaLED 3.0 technology. This gives very detailed results across the X and Y-axes. Their resolution is 50 microns, and the minimum height is 10 microns. Additionally, the screen is very durable and is expected to last around 2000 hours.

Z-axis resolution is 10-300 microns. The UV wavelength is 405 nm.

Build Volume

The printer has a very large build volume that will accommodate even extra-large projects. It comes in at 190 x 120 x 200 mm. It will still print medium and small objects. For the smaller objects, it can print them in batches, speeding up project completion times.

Print Speed

It also features a fastprinting speed that does not compromise quality. The printer’s top speed is 90 mm per hour.

Ease of Use

Additionally, the Sonic XL 4K is simple to use. Various connectivity options include WiFi, USB, Ethernet, and microSD card support. It features assisted bed leveling. The user interface is intuitive and is in the English language.


The printer works with ChiTuBox and the Dental Synergy Slicer.ChiTuBox is one of the most commonly used slicers on the market and this printer comes with the program’s full integration.

This printer was specifically designed with dental printing in mind.


The printer has a very sturdy build. It is also aesthetically pleasing with its sleek frame. Its outer dimensions are 290 x 330 x 470 mm. The printer only weights 17.5 kg.

Cooling Mechanism

The Sonic XL 4K comes ready to protect itself from overheating. It has a built-in fan that releases excess heat from the unit.

Resin Compatibility

It has a wide compatibility for resins. The choices users have available include resins designed for DLP or SLA printers, high-strength resins, biocompatible resins, and flexible resins. All users have to do is program the resin they want to use into ChiTuBox and go.


It’s clear that the Sonic XL 4K offers many great features. From resin compatibility to ease of use to resolution, this is a high-quality resin printer. We recommend it for dental professionals, jewelry production industry workers, prototyping, and any other area where extremely accurate production is needed.

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