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100w Laser Cleaning Machine Review

Laser cleaning is a very environmentally friendly process. It’s used in applications to remove rust, oxides, paints, and other impurities on metal surfaces. It has increased in popularity due to its high level of efficiency. A portable laser cleaning machine is essential for users who need to maneuver with their device to get to all the hard-to-reach places.

Xincheng Precision has developed the 100W Laser Cleaning Machine to meet the needs of users who want an efficient, high-powered laser cleaner. It offers excellent features. We will base our recommendation on project needs.

Xincheng Precision JPT 100W Handheld Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

100w Laser Cleaning Machine

The 100W Laser Cleaning Machine is a portable, handheld cleaning device. It offers a chemical-free method of cleaning that consumes a low level of power, does not damage any surface, and ease of use straight out of the box.

Before continuing with this article, I must mention another product, ZAC 1000W JPT Laser Cleaning Machine, this product offers a more advanced experience than the 100W Laser Cleaning Machine. It has a greater output power, longer cable, and is water cooled. When you finish reading this article, you can choose a product according to your needs

General Specifications

The 100W Laser Cleaning Machine features, as its name implies, a 100W average output power. Output power instability is less than 5%. It has a 5 m cable length. The pulse energy maxes out at 1.5 mJ. It has a frequency range of 1 – 4000 kHz. Additionally, the pulse width is 2 – 500 ns. It is air cooled. The voltage of the power supply is 110V – 240V. Power consumption is only 400 W.

It’s portable and lightweight. It features flexible and adjustable cleaning capabilities. Remote updates are available wirelessly whenever necessary. Also, the unit will not cause damage to any surface. All users have to do is plug it in and it’s ready to go.Additionally, it offers the most efficient cleaning.


It functions in the ambient temperature range of 0 – 40°C. It can be safely stored between -10 and 60°C.

Efficient cleaning

The 100W Laser Cleaning Machine works to efficiently remove oil, stains, and rust on whatever surface it is cleaning.

It features mechanical processing. The unit offers restoration for cultural relics. It efficiently cleans mold off surfaces. Additionally, it works well for food processing, electronics, as well as other areas. Because it has characteristics of exact positioning, this unit can match the processing needs of a multitude of different workpieces. It achieves efficient cleaning on most surfaces.

Dimensions and Weight

The machine itself is 617 x 469 x 291 mm in dimension. Its shipping size is 750 x 580 x 500 mm. Its net weight is 28 kg while its gross weight is 46 kg. The laser head is handheld and weighs 0.62 kg, making it super lightweight. This means users will be able to operate the device for long periods without any strain from holding the laser head.

What’s in the Box

It comes with the following:

  • 1 x fiber laser
  • 1 x safety goggles approved for laser use
  • 1 x remote control card
  • 1 x f-theta lens where f=163 mm
  • 1 x f-theta lens where f=254 mm
  • 1 x power cord


Clearly, the 100W Laser Cleaning Machine offers excellent features. It has a lightweight, handheld laser headand decent power consumption. We recommend this unit for professional users who want to create a perfect finish on their workpieces.

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