ATOMSTACK S10 Pro Review

Laser engraving has become a popular hobby.  Because of this many at-home laser engravers have been developed, offering many different features.  Offering cutting and etching techniques, these units work with a multitude of materials.  The Atomstack S10 Pro is a laser engraver that offers advanced features both in project output as well as in safety. 

Atomstack S10 Pro Specifications


There are several advantages of the S10 Pro over other laser engravers like the Atomstack X7 Pro.  While they both offer double compression spot coupling technology, the S10 Pro offers a more reduced focal area.  It can also cut thicker objects than the X7 Pro. 

The S10 Pro offers dual laser power of 10 – 11 W.  It can cut through 20 mm wood and 15 mm.  As it is a fixed-focus laser, there is no need to focus the laser before engraving.  It comes equipped with a knob for ease of adjusting laser height. The engraver has an ultra-fine laser focus area of 0.06 x 0.06 mm.  It offers cutting speeds of 120 mm per minute to 1020 mm per minute at 80% power.  Engraving speeds range from 2,000 mm per minute to 6,000 mm per minute at 40% power.

Designed for easy assembly, it takes no more than 10 to 20 minutes to put it together.  Its all-metal frame offers stability and improves the accuracy of engraving.  The X-axis and Y-axis have precise scale lines to facilitate the measurement of the engraving surface. 

The S10 Pro supports offline engraving.  Once uploaded to the unit, the engraving file is available anywhere.  This takes away the restriction of a computer when engraving.  A USB connection is the method of data transmission.

The unit also offers many great safety features.  Fitted with a glass protective cover that has a panoramic filter, 97% of the ultraviolet light is filtered out.  This means that users will not have to wear protective goggles while working with the S10 Pro.  However, users will have to install the filter themselves.  If users do not install the protective filter, then protective eyewear is required.  The unit also sports an emergency stop button right on the front of the machine in case of emergencies.

It is compatible with a variety of mature engraving software including LaserGRBL and LightBurn.  The S10 Pro supports Windows and Mac operating systems.  Engraving file formats it supports include JPG, BMP, NC, DXF, PNG, etc.

The S10 Pro offers a large engraving area of 410 x 400 mm.  It also offers a horizontal gyroscope that will pause engraving if the unit suddenly tips.

Other Features

  • Limit switches on the X-axis and Y-axis
  • Engraving area is extendable to 850 x 410 mm
  • Compatible with Atomstack R3 rollers and support tower
  • Compatible with Atomstack B1 enclosure
  • Can directly engrave mirror stainless steel, ceramics, glass

Our Recommendation

The S10 Pro is an advanced double compression spot laser engraver.  It is an improvement on earlier models created by Atomstock and offers users better precision and cutting options.  We recommend this laser engraver for those looking for a versatile unit with extremely precise engraving capabilities.

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