EinScan Pro+ Review

Since 3D printing has become possible for anyone to do at home, there is a real need for 3D scanners. Just like 2D scanning allows you to copy a photograph, 3D scanning allows you to copy an object. And the EinScan Pro+ is very versatile in this respect.

2018 Newest EinScan Pro+ Enhanced Handheld 3D Scanner from Shining 3D

2018 Newest EinScan Pro+ Enhanced Handheld 3D Scanner
2018 Newest EinScan Pro+ Enhanced Handheld 3D Scanner

Here’s an example of the versatility of the EinScan Pro+. First, for high-resolution desktop scanning, you can mount the device on a tripod and the object you wish to scan on a turntable. Then you can perform a fixed scan at a high resolution. Or second, you can hold the EinScan Pro+ in your hand to capture a three-dimensional image of a person posing for a portrait.

There are a number of advantages of the EinScan Pro+ over the other Shining 3D scanners like the SE, SP, and Pro. The EinScan Pro+ is faster, has a larger scan area, and an HD scan mode. It also comes with a new, improved version of the scanning software.

Fixed Auto Scanning is one of the features that professionals appreciate when using the Pro+. If you use the Coded Targets detection mode, the Pro+ scans an object multiple times. Then the software joins the scans into one image. Should there be a problem with the automatic alignment, the user can pick three points on each scan. Then the software will fix the problem. And the Pro+ has a point distance of 0.24mm in fixed mode, compared to the smaller ones on other EinScan models.

Also on the EinScan Pro+ is an improved HD mode with 100 scan lines and a larger scan area up to 300 by 170mm in size. And the user only needs to maintain four tracking points in view, so the process is much faster.

Next, the big attraction of the EinScan Pro+ is the Handheld mode that includes HD or Rapid scanning. Either way, the user can hold the scanner in their hand and move it around the object they wish to scan. They don’t need to use a tripod.

With the Rapid function, there are two options:  Color mode (if you’ve purchased and installed the Color Pack) and R2 mode. Color mode scans for color and geometry and does not need stickers or tracking points. But the R2 mode is ideal when the object doesn’t have a prominent texture, and yet you want a high scanning resolution.

In conclusion, the user can pause their scan at any time, then resume without restarting or losing data. That’s very convenient when using the handheld mode for scanning.

More features of the EinScan Pro+ 3D Scanner:

  • Comes with a scan head, power cord and adapter, aviation plug, calibration board, mark points, and an installation guide
  • Does not include the Color Pack or Industrial Pack
  • Scan speed is 15 frames per second in Handheld HD scan mode and 10 frames per second in Handheld Rapid Scan
  • Not yet compatible with OSX on Mac computers
  • Minimum requirements are Windows 7, 8, or 10 with 16GB RAM, 2GB video RAM, and i5 processor or newer


The EinScan Pro+ is a unique and versatile 3D scanner suited to professionals. If handheld scanning is attractive to you, or you need to scan large objects, it’s worth the investment. Otherwise, you might find one of the EinScan desktop 3D scanners fits your needs.

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