Einscan Pro 2X vs 2X Plus Review

Einscan offers two 3D scanners, the Pro 2X and the 2X Plus.  Both offer excellent features; however, we will be comparing the two based on upgradability, scanning speed and accuracy, and scan range.  We will base our recommendation on project needs as well as user settings.

Einscan Pro 2X

Einscan Pro 2X

The Einscan Pro 2X is a compact, lightweight, and versatile 3D scanner.  Weighing only 1kg, users can hold this model one-handed and carry it wherever they need to.  It features four scanning modes, upgradability, and user-friendly software.

Scanning Modes

The Pro 2X offers four scanning modes.  These are Handheld Rapid Scan Mode, Handheld HD Scan, Fixed Scan Mode with a turntable, and Fixed Scan Mode without a turntable.  The scanner also supports a range of alignment modes.  These include feature alignment, turntable coded alignment, manual alignment, and markers alignment.

Handheld Rapid Scan Mode offers processing speeds up to 1,500,000 points/s or 30 fps.  Handheld HD Scan Mode is slower but offers a scanning accuracy of up to 50 microns.  The utilization of markers on the objects being scanned can improve volumetric accuracy for both modes.  Additionally, both modes offer a minimum point distance of up to 0.2 mm.  Fixed Scan Mode, on the other hand, is the mode in which the scanner is stationary.  The accuracy in this mode can reach up to 40 microns.


The Pro 2X is modular in design and is modifiable depending on individual user needs.  There is a Color Pack that allows for the capture of full-color textures in addition to the object’s geometric shape.  Adding the Industrial Pack will allow for the use of a turntable and a tripod, which will help automate the scanning process.


ExScan Pro, the 3D scanning software behind the Pro 2X, simplifies the process of scanning so that it is like taking a video.  The software offers a highly intuitive UI.  Operation Mode is a function of the software that allows users to increase the scanning process speed during operation while setting the resolution after.  Compatible with a variety of file formats, it can output STL, PLY, OBJ, ASC, and P3.

Other Specifications

Scanning accuracy depends on the mode used.  For Handheld HD Scan, scanning accuracy is up to 0.05 mm.  For Handheld Rapid Scan it is up to 0.1 mm.  Fixed Scan Mode has a scanning accuracy of up to 0.04 mm. 

Volumetric accuracy is 0.3 mm/m.  The scanning speed for Handheld HD Scan mode is 100,000 points/s while Handheld Rapid Scan is 1,500,000 points/s.  Fixed Scan Mode has a single scan of less than 1 second.

The point distance for Handheld HD Scan and Handheld Rapid Scan is 0.2 – 2 mm. For Fixed Scan Mode, it is 0.16 mm. 

The single scan range is 135 x 100 mm – 225 x 170 mm. 

EinScan Pro 2X Plus

EinScan Pro 2X Plus

A 1kg handheld 3D scanner, the 2X Plus is easily transportable and versatile.  It features the ability to capture fine details, upgradability, and four scanning modes.

Like the 2X Pro, the 2X Plus features Handheld Rapid Scan, Fixed Scan (with or without a turntable) , and Handheld HD Scan Modes.  Both scanners offer alignment modes, including turntable coded alignments, manual alignment, and markers alignment.  Additionally, the 2X Plus uses the ExScan Pro software for scanning like the 2X Pro.


This scanner is great at capturing the finer details of the scanned object.  Fixed Scan Mode has a scan accuracy of 0.04 mm.  Handheld Rapid Scan and Handheld HD Scan Modes both feature a minimum point distance of up to 0.2 mm.  Users also have the option to purchase the HD Prime Pack, which is an expansion pack offering increased speeds and accuracy.


There are a variety of optional packs that users can purchase.  The Color Pack allows for the capturing of full-color textures in addition to the object’s geometry.  The Industrial Pack allows users to utilize a turntable and a tripod to assist in the automation of the scanning process.

Ideal for applications involving cultural heritage preservation, restoration, and archiving, the HD Prime Pack increases scanning speeds by 30% and allows for the capturing of richer details.  The scanner is made to be upgradeable depending on individual users’ needs.

Other Specifications

For Handheld HD Scan, the scanning accuracy is up to 0.05 mm, the scan speed is 1,100,00 points/s, and the point distance is 0.2 – 3 mm.  Handheld Rapid Scan offers a scanning accuracy of up to 0.01 mm, a scan speed of 1,500,000 points/s, and a point distance of 0.25 – 3 mm.  For Fixed Scan, the scanning accuracy is a single shot accuracy of 0.04 mm, a single scan speed of less than 0.5 s, and a point distance of 0.24 mm.

Volumetric accuracy is 0.3 mm/m.  Single scan range is 208 x 136 mm – 312 x 204 mm.

Our Recommendation

Both scanners offer excellent features; however, we are going to break down the differences between the two before users choose to purchase one of them.  The Pro 2X offers users modifiable technology, fine precision, and fast scanning speeds.  It is easy to use and offers exceptional results.  Because of these characteristics, we recommend this scanner for both beginners and professionals.

On the other hand, the 2X Plus offers slightly better resolution and more upgrade options.  It is suitable for professional use in areas such as engineering, education, VR, healthcare, and design art.

Click here to purchase Einscan Pro 2X on Amazon.com

Click here to purchase EinScan Pro 2X Plus on Amazon.com

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