Revopoint POP 3D Scanner vs CREALITY CR Scan 01 Review

Two excellent portable 3D scanners are the Revopoint POP 3D Scanner and the Creality CR Scan 01.  Both scanners offer great features; however, we are going to compare them based on compatibility, scanning range, and resolution.  We will base our recommendation on the project’s needs and the user’s skill level.

Revopoint POP 3D Scanner

Revopoint POP 3D Scanner

The POP 3D Scanner is a portable scanner that weighs less than 1 kg.  It offers different scanning modes based on what type of object is being scanned, proprietary software, and high levels of accuracy.

The POP 3D Scanner comes equipped with two infrared cameras for geometry acquisition.  It also has one RGB camera for color acquisition.  It comes with a tripod and a turntable.

This scanner comes with Revopoint’s proprietary software, HandyScan.  It can be downloaded directly from Revopoint’s website or uploaded from the included USB key.  It is compatible with Windows PCs, Apple computers, Android devices, and iOS devices.  For most smartphones, the POP 3D Scanner will need to be tethered to a power bank to work.  Some smartphones can be directly tethered to the scanner and used as a power bank.

The scanner does have some opportunities with freezing.  This is especially true on the Apple platform.  Delays in recognizing the scanner prolong the setup.  Even with Windows, the cameras may freeze, or the connection may untether itself.

There are several different modes available for scanning.  Feature mode works for standard or detailed objects.  Marker mode is for when markers are necessary.  This mode works to scan large objects in sections when they can’t be scanned all at once or for objects that are too simple.  There is a Black mode for scanning dark objects.  There are also Face and Body modes, which are for scanning the face and the body, respectively.

The POP 3D Scanner offers single capture accuracy up to 0.3 mm.  The single capture range is 210 x 130 mm, and the minimum scan volume is 30 x 30 x 30 mm.  Maximum scan speeds reach 8 fps.  It offers feature alignment and marker point alignment.



The CR Scan 01 3D scanner is lightweight, compact, and versatile.  It weighs in at less than 1 kg, making it easy to transport and scan. 

Like the POP 3D Scanner, the CR Scan 01 offers multiple scanning modes for various kinds of objects.  They both also offer a wide range of computer compatibilities.

The POP 3D Scanner offers better resolution than the CR Scan 01.  Both scanners offer great resolution but if the project requires the finest resolution possible, the POP 3D Scanner offers the better choice.  On the other hand, the CR Scan 01 has a much better scanning range out of the two scanners, averaging 2-4 times the range of the POP 3D Scanner.

The CR Scan 01 offers a USB computer connection.  Its compatibility extends to Windows, Android, and Mac.  It is not compatible with mobile devices. 

This scanner also offers several scan modes.  Manual scanning allows flexible working and supports scanning different sized objects.  Automatic scanning uses a tripod and turntable to facilitate the scanning process.  One click allows the scanning of many angles.  The scanner automatically aligns and converts these angles into a single, finished model.

It captures objects with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.  The scan resolution is 0.5 mm.  Its single-frame scan area is 536 x 378 mm. 

Our Recommendation

Both scanners offer excellent options for users.  However, we need to break down the differences between the two before users make a purchase decision between them.  The POP 3D Scanner offers very fine scanning accuracy, a wide range of compatibility that includes mobile devices, and multiple scanning modes for different kinds of objects.  Because of the difficulty with the application freezing or not recognizing the scanner right away, we do not recommend this scanner for absolute beginners.  However, it would be best for those who want more detail in their scans and a wide variety of export formats.

On the other hand, the CR Scan 01 offers a larger scanning range and several scanning modes.  We recommend this scanner for those users who need to scan larger objects and who do not need the option of linking to a mobile device.

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