The Tronxy XY-3 SE is a 3-in-1 hybrid.  It combines single-color 3D printing, dual-color 3D printing, and laser engraving all in one device.  Users can easily switch between which type of work they want to perform.

The printer features a highly responsive UI that is easy to use, a modest build volume, and a thermally conductive glass print platform.


The XY-3 SE’s two main modular parts only require 10 screws for full assembly.  Anyone can complete this in a matter of minutes.  It is made of rigid sheet metal.  Because of this, it is corrosion-resistant, water-repellant, incredibly strong, and made for high pressure.  The total size of the machine is 420 x 440 x 510 mm.  Its weight is 9.3 kg.

Dual-Color Printing

This printer features a single extruder. However, it is capable of dual-color printing.  Using the dual-color printing mode, two rolls of filament, each a different color, can be simultaneously fed through the extruder without mixing. 

Laser Engraving

The XY-3 SE is a hybrid of a 3D printer and laser engraver.  It features a 500 mW swappable laser engraving head.  The laser can engrave on wood, steel, fabric, and plastic, among others.

Detailed Preview

The UI is a 3.5-inch highly responsive touchscreen.  It features a full-color Human Machine Interface.  The UI is very interactive and easy to use.  It shows a preview of the pending print, among other things.

Other Features

The XY-3 SE offers a build volume of 255 x 255 x 260 mm.  This makes it suitable for making small to medium-sized projects.  The maximum print speed is 150 mm per second, but the recommended speed is only 60 mm per second.  It offers a layer thickness of 0.1 to 0.3 mm.  The XYZ accuracy is 0.00625 mm, 0.00625 mm, and 0.00125 mm, respectively.  The nozzle diameter is 0.4 mm. 

It features a double Z-axis with a toothed belt.  This allows for uniform, smooth, and fast printing.

The printer’s titanium extruder allows for a smooth and fast printing process with materials like PETG, ABS, PLA, TPU, wood, and more.

The XY-3 SE also offers protection features.  If the power to the machine goes out, printing will pause.  Once power returns, printing will resume where it left off.  It also features a filament detection sensor.  If the filament runs out, the printer will pause, preventing air printing.  This allows the user to replace the filament and resume printing at the exact spot it left off at.  These two features save time and filament. 

The printer also features a glass print platform.  It is characterized by rapid and uniform thermal conductivity.  This in turn ensures excellent adhesion of the prints.  Once the print finishes and the platform cools, the finished product will easily come off the platform. 

The ambient working temperature is 8°C to 40°C.  The maximum heatbed temperature is 100°C while the maximum nozzle temperature is 275°C.


The XY-3 SE offers a gamut of excellent features.  It is not only a 3D printer but also a dual-color 3D printer and a laser engraver all in one.  We recommend this for any makers who are looking to expand their tools to include dual-color printing and engraving.

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