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TRONXY X5SA-400 PRO Review

3D printing is becoming more and more popular.  Printer owners are looking for the best specifications they can find to ensure that their projects turn out right every time.  The X5SA-400 Pro is a versatile option.  We will explore the different features of this printer and make a recommendation based on users’ skill levels and project needs.

X5SA-400 Pro: Sturdy, Large Volume 3D Printer


The X5SA-400 Pro is an FDM 3D printer, featuring a large build volume and a sturdy frame.  It works with a large variety of filaments and offers many upgraded features when compared to its predecessor, the X5SA-400.

When compared to the X5SA-400, the Pro has an upgraded extruder that allows for working with a wider variety of materials.  While the X5SA-400 was made mostly of plastic, the Pro has been redesigned to have a sturdier frame.  


The X5SA-400 Pro, like its predecessor, the X5SA, comes with a DIY assembly kit that can take hours to put together. Complete novices May find it even more challenging. 

The printer is made almost entirely of aluminum, making it very sturdy. In addition, it is constructed in a cube format offering excellent stability. It comes equipped with rubber feet to absorb movement vibrations. 

The print volume is large at 400 x 400 x 400 mm. The bed is heated offering the ability to use filaments like ABS, ASA-X, ABS-X, PETG, and more. 

Filament Detection and Print Resume

This printer comes equipped with a filament run-out sensor. When the sensor detects that the filament has run out, printing will pause, allowing the user to change it.  Printing will then commence at the exact point it left off, preserving the print.

Another important feature is the print resume.  If the power to the printer should fail, printing will pause until it is restored.  At this time, printing will resume where it left off, saving the project.


The X5SA-400 Pro features a Titan extruder.  This allows for a tighter filament path.  Because of this, the printer can work with flexible materials like TPU.  


The printer offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen UI.  It is interactive and easy to use, offering a cleaner interface than the X5SA-400.  The touchscreen is located on the front of the unit, providing easy access to users.  


An integrated wiring design provides a clean, direct connection in the printer and prevents a messy web.  All of the wires are organized neatly.  The printer also has a 24V power supply.  This ensures that the print bed will heat up quickly.

Other Specifications

The X5SA-400 Pro offers automatic bed leveling, taking away the frustration of manual leveling.  The print bed is also detachable, allowing for easy access to finish prints.

Print speeds are 20 -150 mm/s with a recommended speed of 60 mm/s.  

It works with materials like PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG, PVC, PC, HIPS, and exotics.


The X5SA-400 Pro offers a lot of great features.  It is excellent for large projects.  Because of its difficult assembly and more advanced features, we recommend it for medium to advanced makers.

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