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QIDI X-CF Pro Review

3D printing has become very popular both in private and professional use. High-performance 3D printers are a necessity to produce excellent quality prints. QIDI has developed the X-CF Pro as a high-quality, versatile 3D printer. We will base our recommendation on user skills as well as project needs.

QIDI X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer


The QIDI X-CF Pro is a desktop, industrial-grade 3D printer. It offers features like an advanced single extruder system, high precision, and automatic bed leveling.

In comparison to the QIDI X-PLUS, the X-CF Pro offers a larger build volume. However, both printers feature automatic bed leveling and can print with advanced filaments like carbon fiber and nylon.

The X-CF Pro is specially designed to print nylon and carbon fiber filaments. The single extruder system was redesigned to be more capable of printing carbon fiber materials with a filament dry box and mechanical motion structure.

It uses the most recentdesign of a single extruder system. This system uses dual-gear extrusion with high-temperature alloy material. This solves the problem of low accuracy and poor service life when printing with carbon fiber. Another normal high-speed extruder can be used to print common filaments like PLA, PETG, ABS, and others.

With the X-CF Pro’s industrial-grade manufacturing, industrial guide, and dual Z-axis, it can achieve both high precision and fast printing. The PEI printing plate solves the problems of models warping. It offers better adhesion and longer printer life. When printing with common filaments, the print speed can be increased to 120 cc per hour.

Additionally, it features an automatic leveling mode. The printer has upgraded software, making it more intelligent and able to be used straight out of the box. It also has an 800 x 480 mm 5-inch HD capacitive display.

It features a filament runout sensor. Users will not have to worry about their prints getting ruined by the filament running out mid-print.

The build volume is very large at 11.8 x 9.8 x 11.8 inches.

QIDI has developed proprietary carbon fiber and nylon filaments for use with the X-CF Pro to maximize printing capabilities.  This printer works best with these filaments.

When using carbon fiber produced by QIDI, the printer uses smart fiber reinforced technology. This greatly improves the material’s mechanical properties and heat resistance. The internal stress is released through the fiber mesh structure during the printing process. This results in good dimensional stability of the print with no warping.

Additionally, there is low moisture sensitivity, low density, and super abrasive resistance when printing with QIDI carbon fiber.

QIDI brand UltraPA nylon filament features low moisture sensitivity. This filament completely solves the defects of the dimensional stability and mechanical properties of nylon materials that change a lot after moisture is absorbed.  UltraPA also offers the strongest layer bonding performance and super abrasive resistance.


Clearly, the X-CF Pro is an excellent choice among 3D printers. It offers users the ability to print advanced filaments like carbon fiber and nylon, fully automatic bed leveling for extreme ease of use, and high accuracy printing. This printer is a great choice for professionals.

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