WEN 3921 vs 3922 Review

Scroll saws are a staple for any woodshop. WEN has produced two great models, the 3921 and 3922. Both saws have excellent features, but we will be comparing them based on table size, speed, and accessories. We will base our recommendation on project needs as well as user skill level.

WEN 3921

WEN 3921

The WEN 3921 is a lightweight scroll saw. It features multi-positional blades, a variable speed trigger, and a vibration-reducing base.

Toolless Blade Changing

The WEN 3921 has a tool-less blade-changing feature. To achieve this, it has a thumbscrew blade adapter. This makes blade changes fast, effective, and less time-consuming.

Vibration-Reducing Base

It has a cast iron base. The base reduces vibrations, providing more accuracy on the cuts.  The saw features a 16 x 11-inch table. The table has beveling capabilitiesthat up to 45 degrees. 

Variable Speed Trigger

This saw features a variable speed trigger that is located on the front of the device. It has a speed range of 400 – 1600strokes per minute.  Speeds are easy to adjust mid-cut. Speed adjustment is completed with the simple turning of a knob.

Storage, Air Pump, and Light

The WEN 3921 also has onboard storage. Users will be able to store additional blades here.

It features an adjustable air pump, which gives users absolute control over unnecessary dust that can cake into their design. The air pump is connected to the dust port, which is 1 ½ inch.

The WEN 3921 also has a flexible, adjustable light. Users can move it into any position they see fit to better help them cut complex pieces.


The blade itself is multi-positional. It can be placed in the standard position or at 90 degrees. This increases the user’s ability to cut through wood and allows for the creation of complicated designs and shapes. The saw can use pinned or pinless blades.

This saw can cut wood that is 2 inches thick. In the standard position, its throat depth is 16 inches.

The standard position is ideal for maximum table support, intricate internal designs, and beveled and angled cuts. At 90 degrees, users will need to ensure they are using a pinned blade. This will allow for cuts to be made across the width of the table instead of front to back. With this position, there is no 16-inch throat depth constraint. This position is ideal for increased cutting capacity and handling larger projects.


There are some limitations to the WEN 3921. The pinless blade can become bent over time because of the small thumb screws that hold it in place. Its top light requires constant adjustment due to the vibrations of the saw, making it inefficient for practical use.

WEN 3922

WEN 3922

The WEN 3922 is a 16-inch variable speed scroll saw. It can easily cut hardwoods. It features easy speed adjustment, toolless blade changing, and a vibration-reducing base.

This saw has a slightly smaller table than the WEN 3921, coming in at 16 x 10 inches. Additionally, its variable speed is different at 550 to 1600 strokes per minute. Both saws feature tool-less blade changes with thumbscrew blade adapters.

Speed Adjustment and Air Pump

The WEN 3922 features a throat depth of 16 inches and cuts wood up to 2 inches thick. Speed adjustments are made very simple with just the slight turning of a knob. The saw also features an adjustable air pump. This pump removes sawdust from the project, allowing users a clear line of vision. The work environment will be clean during and after cutting because the air pump connects to a 1 ½-inch dust port.


When it’s time to change the blades, the unique side panel opens to allow easy access. And, as it’s tool-free, it’s a quick and easy process. It works with both pinned and pinless blades and comes with one of each.

Vibration-Reducing Base

The WEN 3922 features a solid, cast-iron base. This reduces disruptions from vibrations, making cuts straight and smooth. Additionally, the saw is nearly noise-free due to the lack of vibrations.

Metal Guard and Accuracy

It features a metal blade guard. This provides excellent visibility over the project.

One this saw’s best featuresis its accuracy. The combination of blade options, speed variance, spacious table, and fast and sharp blades all contribute to its accuracy.


There are two main downsides to this model. First, there is no onboard storage. This means users will have to find somewhere else to keep their extra parts. Second, there is no LED light so it will have to be used in a well-lit area or an additional light will have to be purchased.


Clearly, both saws offer excellent features; however, we must break them down before users make a purchase decision. The WEN 3921 offers onboard storage and an LED light. We recommend this model for DIYers as well as professionals.

On the other hand, the WEN 3922 is slightly smaller, does not offer onboard storage, and does not come with an LED light. We recommend this model for beginners and DIYers.

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