WEN 3939 vs 3959 vs 3960 Review

If you need a product that can help you cut through a lot of materials very quickly, you may want to think about purchasing a benchtop band saw. Benchtop band saws are an excellent choice for portable cutting with reliable durability and speed. Wen makes three different benchtop band saws that have many similar features, as well as a few key differences you should know about. Let’s take a look at all three, and see which would be the best fit for your unique needs!

Wen 3939 Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3939
WEN 3939

The Wen 3939 9-inch benchtop band saw weighs 44 pounds and stands 30 inches tall for your convenience. This product has a motor that delivers 2.8 AMPs for fast and reliable cutting. This product also can cut 2,460 feet a minute, which is very efficient for projects you have to complete quickly.

This product has a workspace of 12 by 12 inches, giving you ample space for larger boards. The Wen 3939 tabletop also bevels 44 degrees to give you more versatility with your cuts. The Wen 3939 has durable ball bearings that add life to the product by helping the blade function smoother. This product also comes with a carrying handle, to make transporting the product a bit easier.

The Wen 3939 comes with an adjustable blade guard for fast changes while working, and comes with a dust port. This dust port is onboard and allows for fast and easy cleanup. The Wen 3939 also comes with a fence system to help you make straighter cuts more easily.

A miter gauge is also included with this product, to ensure that you get accurate cuts every time. The Wen 3939 uses a 62-inch blade for maximum power during cuts, and can accommodate blades that are 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch in width for more variety.

More features of the Wen 3939 Benchtop Band Saw

  • 2.8 AMPs
  • Cuts 2,460 feet per minute

Wen 3959 Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3959
WEN 3959

The Wen 3959 9-inch benchtop band saw weighs 40 pounds and stands 29 inches tall, similar to the previous product. This benchtop band saw comes with a 2.5 AMP motor that can cut through 2,500 feet per minute. This saw takes a 59-1/2 inch blade, with a width of 1/8 to 3/8 inches for added convenience.

Like the former product, the Wen 3959 also has a beveling tabletop that can adjust up to 45 degrees very easily. This tabletop measures 12-1/4 inches by 11-7/8 inches, giving you nearly the same amount of space as the former product.

The Wen 3959 comes with a 2-1/2 inch dust port to help you maintain a cleaner area while cutting by keeping debris in a single spot. This product incorporates a fence that helps you to get straight cuts, and a miter gauge to increase the accuracy of your cuts with ease.

This product also has an adjustable blade guard like the 3939, which enables you to stay protected and make adjustments fast. The Wen 3959 can easily handle boards up to 9 inches wide and 3-1/2 inches deep, making it great for a variety of projects.

More features of the Wen 3959 Benchtop Band Saw

  • 2.5 AMPs
  • Cuts 2,500 feet per minute

Wen 3960 Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3960
WEN 3960

The Wen 3960 9-inch benchtop band saw has many similar features to the previous two products. For starters, this product weighs nearly the same amount at 39.7 pounds making it lightweight and easy to move. This product also stands 30 inches tall, and comes with a 2.8 horsepower motor like the 3939.

Also similar to the 3939, the Wen 3960 can cut at a maximum of 2,460 feet per a single minute. With a tabletop that is 12 inches by 12 inches, and a bevel of 45 degrees, it is easy to work with this benchtop band saw. The Wen 3960 uses a 62-inch blade, and can take blades that have a width of 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch, as the former products could.

This saw comes with a carrying handle to make movement from work area to work area much simpler. The Wen 3960 includes a dust port for easy clean up, as well as a miter gauge for more accurate cuts. This product also includes an adjustable blade guard, so you don’t have to spend much time making adjustments and can easily get back to cutting.

The Wen 3960 comes with a fence that helps you to achieve straight cuts every time. This product also features ball bearings to make cutting much more efficient and adds lifetime to the saw. Additionally, this product can cut boards that are 9 inches wide to 3-5/8 inches deep with ease.

More features of the Wen 3960 Benchtop Band Saw

  • 2.8 AMPs
  • Cuts 2,460 feet per minute


Benchtop band saws are an excellent choice for portable and reliable sawing, especially for around-the-home projects. If you need a saw that provides a large workspace, higher amperage, and a durable structure, then the Wen 3939 may be the best benchtop band saw for you. Conversely, if you want a saw that takes less amperage, but has a faster cut speed of 2,500 feet per minute, and comes with a 2-1/2 inch dust port, then the Wen 3959 may be a better choice for your needs.

Furthermore, if you prefer the idea of higher amperage at 2.8 AMPs, with a lightweight yet durable structure, then the Wen 3960 may be the best choice for you. All of these benchtop band saws are 9-inches, with miter gauges and adjustable blade guards to help you have the best experience while working. These features make any of these products a wonderful choice for your benchtop band saw needs!

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