FlashForge Adventurer 3C Review

With the rise of at-home 3D printing, users have a need for the best 3D printer kit.  They will need a unit that will meet all their printing needs while matching their skill level.  FlashForge offers the Adventurer 3C as a contender.  We will base our recommendation on several factors including ease of use, user skill level, and project needs.

FlashForge Adventurer 3C 3D Printer: Detachable Integrated Nozzle, Flexible Heating Platform, and Auto Leveling.

FlashForge Adventurer 3C

The FlashForge Adventurer 3C is a desktop 3D printer kit.  It features an easy-load filament function, a heated removable build plate, and easily detachable nozzles.

Compared to the FlashForge Adventurer 3, the 3C does not feature a top fan, network interface, filament detection, or a built-in camera.  It also does not come with any free PLA.  It is basically a lite version of both the Adventurer 3 and the Adventurer 3 Lite. 


The FlashForge Adventurer 3C features a patented removable extruder structure. It is fully upgraded and has steady filament loading.  It features a turbofan and air guide to improve the printing result.  The printer is ready-to-use and requires no leveling.  This prevents any imprecisions in printing due to improper leveling.

Filament Loading

It features automatic loading of the filament.  Users will need to put the filament into the inlet and then command the loading on the touchscreen.  The filament will then be automatically loaded into the extruder, helping to achieve a perfect 3D print result. 

Build Plate

The build plate is heated evenly.  It supports bending without any deformation.  Heating temperature rises to 100°C.  It takes approximately 10 minutes to heat to this temperature.  It is also removable for easy extraction of the finished product, including larger models.  The test platform remained the same under a 400-hour bending test.  The plate supports ABS filament.

Other Specs

The Adventurer 3C also features a detachable nozzle.  It has a buckle design that supports a quick replacement with no need to disassemble the entire extruder during maintenance. 

The printer offers extremely quiet printing.  Operational noise is 50 decibels at most.  It is a fun STEM educational experience in electronics and mechanical engineering.

Files are transmitted wirelessly to the printer.  Printing is commanded via the touchscreen user interface.

The Adventurer 3C comes with a 12-month warranty.  It includes lifetime technical assistance with 24-hour professional customer service.

The Downside

On the downside, calibration is very slow.  Sometimes calibration does not improve the situation.  It is not compatible with Cura.  The nozzles are proprietary, and the stock nozzle only works with temperatures up to 240°C. 

The Adventurer 3C does not offer filament detection.  Therefore, users will need to take care when it comes to using low amounts of filament.  They run the risk of air printing, which will ruin the project.

Our Recommendation

While the Adventurer 3C offers some great features, it does have some downsides.  It features easily removed nozzles; however, they are proprietary.  It does not offer filament detection.  It does on the other hand offer easy removal of the extruder, quiet printing, and automatic filament loading.  Because the easy-to-use features outweigh the downsides, we recommend this printer for beginners.

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