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Oregon 620-120 Review

Chainsaw users face the inevitable time when they need to sharpen their chains. This can be very tedious if done with a hand file. This is where benchtop grinders come in. They make the sharpening process much easier and more efficient. Oregon offers the 620-120 as a powerful option. We will evaluate it based on project needs.

Oregon Professional 120-Volt Bench Grinder

Oregon 620-120

The Oregon 620-120 is a benchtop grinder that offers superior solutions for chainsaw sharpening. It features a powerful motor, universal chain sharpening, and amazing ease of use.

When compared with the Oregon 520-120, both grinders offer the same speed motor and similar performance. However, the 620-120 features more control features, allowing for more precise sharpening than the 520-120.

Universal Chain Sharpening

The Oregon 620-120 features universal chain sharpening. It can sharpen almost any chain, supporting up to a 0.404-inch pitch. Specifically, it can sharpen ¼-inch and 3/8-inch low profile chains as well as 0.325-inch and 3/8-inch full profile chains, making it extremely versatile. It is compatible with different brands as well as models.

Vise Attachment

This grinder features a hydraulic piston that squeezes the chain vise for maximum efficiency. Also, when the wheel and motor are both lowered, there is a hydraulic assist that closes the vise automatically. Because the clamping vise is hands-free, it allows for even faster grinding. Additionally, the chain vise is self-centering, allowing for the most precise grinding.

The vise attachment is standard, fitting to sharpen most chainsaw chains. It has a large indexing chain stop feature. This works on a large surface area to accommodates a variety of chains.

Ease of Use

Also, to make it easy to use, it features a quick-check template and dressing brick. It comes with three different grinding wheels to allow for maximum grinding capabilities. The grinder features a top plate that has down-angle settings. This creates more accurate sharpening.

The manual is easy to understand. It takes users smoothly from one process to the next. The machine itself comes with user-friendly controls. The knobs feature labeled scales that show different angles.


It comes equipped with a 3,400 RPM motor. The motor grind angle is adjustable for precise sharpening. Additionally, a large motor fan keeps the unit cool. The fanfeatures durable T-shaped cooling fins. This will ensure smooth operation even following a full day of sharpening. It also features a one-way grind operation that keeps users safe. They have the option to hold the chain for security.


Its chassis is high-quality cast aluminum. This makes it extremely durable. Despite this, the unit only weighs 21 pounds. The controls are plastic, but the machine does feature rubberized handles for comfort.


Clearly, the Oregon 620-120 offers users a plethora of features. It stands above the other grinders in its brand. It has a durable build, excellent options for chain sharpening, and a great hydraulic system. This grinder also offers extreme precision that will benefit users who need to do the job quickly and accurately. We recommend this grinder for those in professional fields that use chainsaws.

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