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Bosch JS365 vs JS470E Review

Bosch is one of the most trusted brands in the tool industry and jigsaws are a great cutting tool.  This article examines Bosch’s JS470E and JS365 jigsaw models and serves as a guide to help you decide which one may be the best choice for your needs.  Tool companies often offer different models for the same tool with various reasons.  Either the different models are a redesign of a previous model or one offers more features over the other.  The differences between the two Bosch jigsaws are explained below along with some overall customer reviews with their experiences when purchasing and using these tools.

Bosch JS365 vs JS470E


Bosch JS470E

This is a 120 volt, 7 amp top handle jigsaw that features a tool less blade changing system that allows you to change out blades quickly, easily, and safely without the need to touch a hot blade after use.  This tool has four orbital action settings that offer different blade strokes depending on the type of cut you need it for.  You can set the dial for various speeds and control your operating speed with the accelerator trigger.  The foot is die cast and sturdy with an on board bevel wrench, clamping system, and steel insert.

This jigsaw has a no load SMP range from 500 to 3100 at up to 60 hertz.  You can cut wood up to 5 7/8” thick, aluminum to 7/8”, and mild steel to 3/8” inch which is plenty for almost any project whether you are a professional or do it yourselfer.  Anything beyond those thicknesses for metal would require a heavy duty cutting blade on a chop saw or a torch so this is quite a powerful and useful cutting tool.  When you purchase a JS470E you will receive the tool, a no-mar overshoe, an anti-splinter insert, a blade, a carry case, and a bevel wrench.


Bosch JS365

The sister (or brother) to the JS470E is the JS365 which is another top handle 120 volt corded jigsaw made by Bosch.  This model also features a tool less blade changing system, four orbital settings, variable speeds with an accelerator trigger to control your cutting speed, and a sturdy aluminum die cast foot.  This model also features an adjustable dust blower which was not featured in the JS470E.  This is a handy feature as it helps to keep your cutting line clear so you can see the line better.

This jigsaw has a 6.5 amp motor and is designed with a precision machined mechanism to increase the accuracy and reduce vibrations to provide a smooth accurate operation when cutting.  The handle is designed ergonomically with a two finger trigger for comfort.  When you purchase a JS365 you will get the unit, an anti-splinter inert, a blade, a wrench, a plastic overshoe, and a carry case.



Overall the JS365 wins the comparison between the two models mainly because it seems to be more advanced with better vibration control and the dust blower.  The JS365 had fewer complaints about the vibration and lack of control over the blade when cutting.  One thing that might have improved these jigsaws would be a light or laser guide to show you exactly where the blade will be cutting before you begin.Given the option between these two I recommend the JS365.


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