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Bosch 5312 vs GCM12SD Review

The search for the right saw seems to never end for people who are constantly looking for an upgrade. Some people do not seem to realize that the reason why they are constantly looking is because they have never found the right equipment to give. When people are searching for saws, they usually consider some of the top brands like Bosch. Those who check out the various products of Bosch usually end up liking most of the items. Some people even compare Bosch 5312 and Bosch GCM12SD. Here are just some of the things that would have to be known about the two models.

Bosch 5312 vs GCM12SD

Bosch 5312 12 Inch Bevel Compound

For people who are searching for a saw that will surely deliver, the Bosch 5312 may be the saw that they are searching for. This saw is considered to be a versatile power tool because of the various things that it can offer. Unlike other products that seem to be packed with features but always fail to deliver, this is different because it will not fail to deliver. Most people who purchase this product say that they are going to use it for years.

Advantages of Bosch 5312 12 Inch Bevel Compound

  • Bevel lock and easy select range knob make it possible for people to adjust the bevel easier. People just need to adjust the range knob and when they find the right angle; they can lock it with the use of the bevel lock. I have tried doing it and I am happy to report that the bevel did not go out of place. I did not have to adjust anything afterwards.
  • The fact that the motor of this equipment is strong can make it apparent that it can cut through a lot of materials easily. It has 15 amp and 120 voltage motor. The main reason why the strength of the motor needs to be adjusted is because it needs to fit in with the type of materials and sometimes other tools that are also being used.
  • The miter detent system is one of the things that people are always dissatisfied about when they check out the miter detent systems of the saw that they have. The Bosch 5312 is longer than most saws both in left and right.

Disadvantage of Bosch 5312 12 Inch Bevel Compound

  • One disadvantage that can be said about this product is that it is big. It is not very conducive to use especially when the product would have to be brought from one place to another. It is also quite heavy which means that people who would like to carry it will most likely ask for help from other people.

Bosch GCM12SD 120 Volt 12 Inch Glide

  • This particular model makes use of a pair of hinged arms on each side of the blade to make it easier for people to feel safer because of the product that they are using at this time.
  • One of the things that would have to be remembered is that when purchasing the Bosch 5312, the equipment does not need to be set up that much. If ever there are some things that would need to be set up, this can be done easily but this is the case with the Bosch GCM12SD120. Minimal set up is required to make things possible.
  • Both of these models have a one year warranty. What matters is that people will take care of the models so that they will not get hassled into trying to get new ones. The warranty that is given by the company should be improved though.

Through the various facts and details that are mentioned above, it can be clear to pinpoint which saw will work best for different people. The right item for one person may not be the same for another even though they seem so similar. These differences would have to be accepted to make the right choice.


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