Bosch 4100 vs GTS 1031 Review

More often than not, there are some people who will always search for tools and equipments that can make their work better. As much as possible, people would like to find the right tools with the right features but not reading about those items beforehand can become problematic. It is recommended that people will know more facts and details about this. This article will hopefully help people out in choosing between Bosch 4100 and GTS1031 – two of the products that people usually choose from when choosing workshop tables.

Bosch 4100 vs GTS 1031

Bosch 4100 10 Inch Worksite Table

The limited ripping capacity is one of the things that people know about table saws so as much as possible; people avoid purchasing this tool until it is absolutely necessary. The Bosch 4100 10 inch worksite table was able to prove all of the detractors wrong. This worksite table may not look like a powerful machine but it can rip up to 25inches with every material that you will place.

Advantages of Bosch 4100 10 Inch Worksite Table

  • It is quite apparent that the ripping power of the Bosch 41000 should be given special attention. Most of the plywood that can be purchased is about 24 inches so since the ripping capacity of this machine is 25 inches, the plywood will be ripped easily.
  • The gravity rise stand that comes with the Bosch 4100 is an innovative design. I personally enjoyed it while I was trying out this equipment. It makes the whole machine portable and I was able to place it in an area that I want immediately. It may be bigger but it is portable and this is truly an advantage.
  • The Bosch 4100 may be smaller than the average saw but do remember that its motor is still strong. It is powered by a 4.0 HP 15 amp motor. This will make the cuts made with this machine smooth and clean. People who will use this product do not have to worry about unclean cuts and splinters on the side.

Disadvantage of Bosch 4100 10 Inch Worksite Table

  • The only disadvantage about this very powerful machine is the price. It tends to be more expensive than the average miter saw but if people would only think about the various features that this model can offer, they would see the real reasons why they should use this type of table very easily. Its features truly make it one of the best table saws around.

Bosch GTS1031 10 Inch Portable Jobsite

  • One thing that can be said about the Bosch GTS1031 is that it is portable. It is more portable than the Bosch 4100 for sure and this may be one of the reasons why people still choose this model over the others that are available. It is so portable that it is possible to carry this model with just one hand.
  • It is also known to be durable. These two models are both made by Bosch so they are both durable and can withstand the test of time. How durable they may be will highly depend on how often they will be used and how long for each day they will be operating.
  • Another thing that would have to be remembered is that this portable saw costs a lot of money. This is more than the price that would have to be paid for the Bosch 4100. It will depend on people whether they would like to pay a bit extra to get this type of equipment.

Here are just some of the things that people would have to consider about the different Bosch Models. Whether you would like the Bosch 4100 for its ripping capacity or people would rather choose the Bosch GTS1031 for its portability, people can be sure that they will get the right value for their money whichever model they would choose to purchase from the Internet or a store near them.


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