Bosch RA1171 vs Bosch RA1181 Review

Well, the Bosch router tables have helped many contractors and wood works professionals accomplish numerous tasks with the wide range of machines it offers. However, the main question here is which is the best product between Bosch RA1171 and Bosch RA1181? This product comparison review will help you find out which router table fits your specific needs accordingly after going through their features, pointing out their advantages and disadvantages.

Bosch RA1171
Bosch RA1171
Bosch RA1181
Bosch RA1181








Bosch RA1171

We will begin with the Bosch RA1171 router table. The manufacturers of this router table took their time to include some critical features that helps it carry out various wood cutting and shaping tasks. Compared to other similar machines, this router table ensures great noise reduction and dust collection ability thanks to its cabinet-style. Hence, this ensures more efficient work environment. As a matter of fact, any woodworking shop will find this machine very valuable since it is a multi-purpose unit that will serve many woodworking purposes, thanks to its design that can be able to mount on any workbench and fit numerous types of routers. Hence, this router table offers a great work surface for various routing and woodworking activities.


The Bosch RA1171 Router Table comes with numerous advantages that makes it one of the best router tables available in the market.

  • Unlike the Bosch RA1181, the RA1171 router table comes with a cabinet that helps in cutting the dust down.
  • This table router comes with metal legs that makes it last longer and more durable unlike the plastic legs of the Bosch RA1181.
  • In addition, the router plate of the Bosch 1171 is made of metal hence making it durable since that is where many activities take place.
  • Also, to help keep the dust down, this unit comes with two dust ports: one in the cabinet itself and another behind the router bit, hence making it more preferable over the RA1181 that has all its dust fly out of its bottom.
  • Also, one can use the cabinet of the Bosch RA1171 as a storage facility for some tools such as whatnot, knobs, and feather boards.
  • The cabinet’s design is very versatile since it can be used to accomplish various routing and woodworking tasks.


  • The only disadvantage that one is most likely to come across when using this router table is that it does not come with a miter gauge, similar to the RA1181

Bosch RA1181

The Bosch RA1181 router table is a bit similar to the Bosch RA1171, although it comes with some differences due to its unique features.


  • Unlike the Bosch RA1171, this unit comes with a metal table top that makes it more durable compared to the RA1171 which has a laminated MDF table top.
  • The Bosch RA1181 is compatible with many routers hence it is not necessary to make any modification.
  • It is specially designed for precision and versatility hence making it a very valuable asset for carrying out a wide range of woodworks.


  • Unlike the Bosch RA1171, this router table comes with plastic legs that make it less durable as compared to the metal legs of RA1171.
  • Unlike the Bosch RA1171 that comes with two dust ports, the RA1181 only uses one dust port at the bottom hence making the workplace look messy if there is a lot of work.
  • When using this router table, one finds it hard to store handy tools since it doesn’t come with a cabinet for storing such tools.
  • In addition, the Bosch RA1181 doesn’t come with a miter gauge hence forcing the users to add their own miter gauge.


After analyzing well and looking into details about the two product and their varying features, one can easily tell the product that best meets their needs. However, it is important to note that the two products don’t come with a miter gauge hence it is advisable to include your own miter gauge after purchasing either of the router tables.


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