Bosch gts1031 vs Dewalt dwe7480 Review

What’s the best product between job site table saw between Bosch GTS1031 and DEWALT DWE7480? Many people often ask this question because at times it really gets hard to differentiate the two products since they can accomplish almost all the tasks that require the use of a table power saw. However, it is important to note that these two products come with unique features that make them accomplish their tasks effectively. Therefore, this article has been specially written to help you determine the job site table power saw of your choice after analyzing its features and being able to comparing them accordingly.

Bosch GTS1031
Bosch GTS1031







Bosch GTS1031

The Bosch GTS1031 table power saw has been a very reliable table power saw for many professionals for a very long time. The reason behind this is because it comes with numerous features that make it reliable for various cutting needs. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Bosch gts1031 power saw.

A look at the Bosch gts1031 job site table saw

  • When it comes to maintenance, the Bosch gts1031 table saw gives one an easy time since at the back of the saw; there is a tool-free access, thanks to the tool-free dust chute.
  • While cutting, you will certainly experience a superior control over the material because it comes with a smart guard system that includes a riving knife system, anti-kickback pawls, and a quick to use modular blade guard.
  • There is assurance of maximum protection during storage and transport, thanks to the complete on-tool storage under table that incorporates wrenches under table, push stick, miter gauge, smart guard and stores rip fence.
  • It also offers consistent and solid cutting performance since it comes with the best in class fence gliders along the rail that perfectly locks into place or at a finger’s touch and it also includes a square-lock rip fence that has been specially designed to function for maximum trueness.
  • In addition, you can easily handle any job abuse using this product because it comes with a lightweight, unique and durable all-steel base design that ensures easy transportation and storage.
  • You can count on this job site table saw for storing your work tools and accessories since it incorporates a reliable under-table storage of accessories
  • The speed is awesome since it has a 4.0 HP max and operates at 5,000 rpm.

Dewalt dwe7480

The Dewalt dwe7480 job site power table saw is also a reliable product since it has helped many professional contractors accomplish their tasks faster and more efficiently. Just like the Bosch gts1031, this table saw also comes with its unique features that make it more efficient.

  • The Dewalt dwe7480 can also be useful in various cutting needs but unlike the Bosch gts1031, this table power saw, it doesn’t come with a riving knife system, anti-kickback pawls, and a quick to use modular blade guard.
  • Similar to the Bosch gts1031, the Dewalt dwe7480 can easily withstand hard surfaces since it can be protected with its metal roll cage base that offers longer durability than plastic bases.
  • Just like the Bosch gts1031, one can easily move this machine because it only weighs 45 lbs.
  • Unlike the Bosch gts1031 that operates at 5,000 rpm, the Dewalt dwe7480 power saw only operates a 4,800 rpm motor.
  • Unlike the Bosch gts1031 power saw that can actually cut 3.5 inches (a standard 4X4) at 90 degrees, the Dewalt dwe7480 job site table saw will only do 3 1/4″.

In conclusion, after analyzing the two products closely and comparing their various features, it is upon you to decide which job site table power saw that best meets your needs. It doesn’t matter the table power saw that you decide to go for, the most important thing here is that you choose the product that will accomplish most of your cutting needs more appropriately.


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