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Bosch GCM12sd vs Festool Kapex Review

To select the best miter saw – this is one of the many dreams of wood workers who are searching for the right saw to use. Choosing might seem easy in the beginning because there are so many models to choose from but once you actually try to see the difference of each one, it can be a bit complicated. It can be difficult to try comparing various models and brands because they will all have disadvantages and advantages. The goal of this article is to help people become better informed about the differences of miter saws and to make people make the right choice in the end.

Bosch GCM12sd vs Festool Kapex

Bosch GCM12sd 120 Volt 12 inch Glide

This is usually the chosen saw of workers who feel that they have not found the right saw yet that will provide them the accuracy that they are looking for. Most people feel that once they have found the Bosch GCM12sd, they will never look elsewhere. Bosch offers the perfect gliding action when being used. This means making various projects can be easy.

Advantages of the Bosch GCM12sd 120 Volt 12 Inch Glide

  • Adjusting the saw’s tightness can be an easy task to do with the use of the Bosch GM12sd. In fact, when I used it, I only had to tighten the bevels once and the angles of the saw stayed right into place. I was able to do more for a shorter period of time because of this feature.
  • The axial glide system can make it possible for people to move around this equipment whenever they need to. Since miter saws are usually not light, sliding the equipment instead of carrying it and holding it can save people a lot of energy.
  • One of the main problems that I have had with miter saws is that the measurements tend to be very hard to read. With the Bosch GCM12sd, this is not a problem at all because I was able to see the miter scale immediately to do some adjustments.
  • The quick release fences made it possible for me to make some of the cuts more easily. The quick release fences are able to reach the height of the base extensions well.

Disadvantage of the Bosch GCM12sd 120 Volt 12 Inch Glide

  • The lack of a laser guide can become a huge problem because it was hard to see where the blade is going to go through. At this day and age when most of the miter saws already have lasers or LED lights, this can be a very clear disadvantage.

Festool KS 120 Sliding Compound

  • Dust extraction of the Festool KS 120 is considered to be incomparable with all the other dust tools that are available in miter saws. Even when compared to the Bosch GCM12sd, the Festool KS 120 still wins because it can make the area where the equipment is placed become very clean even after doing all the hard wood work.
  • Unlike in Bosch GCM12sd, it will be easy to adjust the power of the Festool KS 120. This means that whenever people would need to have strong power, this can be adjusted to its maximum power but if people would want to take their time with cutting, the power of the equipment can be minimized as well.
  • The blade of the Festool KS120 is different from the saw being used by Bosch GCM12sd. The blade of Festool is made out of magnesium alloy. This makes it possible for the saw to be used from one item to another.

There are various advantages and disadvantages that are apparent with the two miters saw models. There are some people who would prefer to get the Bosch after this while others will feel that they like the advantages of the Festool more. People would have to consider what they are searching for and what they expect to get from using the equipment.


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