Brother GX37 vs XR3774 Review

Sewing machines these days are packed with advanced features to make your sewing experience easier and more enjoyable. The Brother sewing machines are equipped with cutting edge technology and they feature user-friendly designs. Many sewing machine users find it difficult to make a choice between machines from the same brand. This is the reason we have done a comparison of Brother GX37 vs XR3774 in this post.

Both of these Brother sewing machines are mechanical sewing machines and belong to the same lineup. The differences between all the machines in this lineup are very few; some are more lightweight and some have more stitch designs than others. If you want to choose one out of these two models, this comprehensive review will help you do so.

Brother GX37 Review

Brother GX37

The Brother GX37 is a compact and easy to use mechanical sewing machine. It has a simple and lightweight design and is equipped with 37 built-in stitches. The machine is quite affordable and is good for those who need to perform basic sewing tasks. It runs quietly and smoothly and is sturdy enough to do the tough sewing tasks too.

The needle plate and inner material is made up of metal. The overall size of the machine can be compared to an average microwave oven. Since it is a mechanical sewing machine, it is not meant for those users who are looking for a complicated interface. There are simple controls like levers, dials, and sliders which allow you to operate the machine with ease.

The sewing machine features 6 presser feet and bright LED lighting on the sewing area. The lighting makes sure that you have a clear view in the workspace. The machine also includes an automatic needle threader which makes it very easy to thread the needle. The GX37 is equipped with a top-loading bobbin and the compartment of the bobbin is close to the needle plate too.

The Brother GX37 is a versatile machine and very easy to use. It also features free arm sewing and a handy thread cutter that make sewing more convenient. The 37 stitch styles include zigzag, straight, decorative and stretch along with an auto-size one step buttonhole.

Brother XR3774 Review

Brother XR3774

The Brother XR3774 is also an affordable sewing and quilting machine; it is equipped with numerous options for the beginners to get started with sewing. Just like the GX37, the XR3774 is also equipped with 37 stitch designs which feature a variety of stitch options. The sewing machine has one-step buttonhole feature like the GX37 that allows you to create buttonholes quickly and easily.

There is no big difference between the two machines when it comes to size and weight; both are compact and lightweight. However, the XR3774 comes with an extended removable work table which is really handy for larger projects like quilts. The XR3774 features 8 presser feet whereas the GX37 has 6 presser feet. Both sewing machines have the same stitching speed, that is, 800 stitches per minute. The stitch length and width of GX37 and XR3774 is also same; it is 5 mm X 7 mm.

The XR3774 is equipped with dials and buttons- the dials allow you to change the stitch length, tension, and stitch width manually. The bobbins in brother machines are jam resistant which makes it very helpful for the beginners. The XR3774 also features an LED light in the sewing area, an automatic needle threader, and free arm sewing.

Our recommendation

The brother GX37 and XR3774 are feature packed mechanical sewing machines. They are not only affordable, but also very easy to use. Moreover, they have a great variety of stitch designs as compared to other mechanical sewing machines. The generous assortment of 37 pre-programmed stitches make these machines ideal for various types of projects.

However, if we have to choose one, our recommendation will be the Brother XR3774 sewing machine. Though it’s very similar to the Brother GX37, the presence of a quilting table along with a quilting guide is an added benefit. The XR3774 machine also comes with a detachable wide extension table which is another extra feature that makes free-motion embroidery easier.

On the other hand, the Brother GX37 is equipped with the same features at almost the same price as XR3774, though it lacks an extra table and a wide detachable extension table.

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