Brother LX3817A vs LX3817 Review

Whatever your requirements and budget, there is always a sewing machine that will suit your needs. Full size sewing machines are great devices to start. Since they are equipped with more than basic features, you can start sewing easily as a beginner.

With a full size sewing machine you can alter, decorate, mend, and sew your clothes in no time. Brother full size sewing machines are known for their reliability and durability. In this post we will do a comparison of the full size sewing machines Brother LX3817A vs LX3817. The comparison will help you choose one machine according to your requirements.

Brother LX3817A

Brother LX3817A

Brother LX3817A is a simple user-friendly sewing machine to start with your hobby. Though it’s a full-size sewing machine, it is lightweight and portable too. You can use it for daily tasks and can be a great addition to your crafting room or studio.

The brother sewing machine features 17 built-in stitches along with a 4-step auto-size buttonhole. The four presser feet include a zigzag foot, zipper foot, a button foot, and a buttonhole foot. To make things even easier, there is an upper thread tension control knob that allows you to adjust the thread tension according to the fabric.

Apart from that, you get a stitching speed of 850 stitches per minute which is really impressive. The machine comes with power cord, foot pedal, operational manual, accessories and four presser feet. A convenient jam resistant drop-in top bobbinand a versatile free arm is there for ease of use.

Overall, the Brother LX387A is a superb full-size sewing machine for small sewing projects. It is an aqua-colored machine with gray heart print. The machine is affordable, easy to use, and portable too. Moreover, it operates very quietly and smoothly even after prolonged usage.

More features of Brother LX3817A

  • It has dimensions of 12.1’’ X 5.8’’ X 15.4’’ and it weighs 10.4 lbs.
  • It features 17 stitch styles.
  • There are 4 presser feet included.
  • It has a 4-step, one stitch buttonhole type.
  • The maximum sewing speed is 850 stitches per minute.
  • There are 7 feed dog points.

Brother LX3817

Brother Intl LX3817

The Brother LX3817 is similar to LX387A in size and dimensions. Talking about the finish; the LX387 is white in color with blue paisley accents as compared to the LX387A that has an aqua color with gray hearts printed on it. However, when it comes to price and functionality, both are same.

Out of the box, the LX387 comes with 4 presser feet, a foot pedal, and a power cord along with an accessory pouch. The accessory pouch includes needle set, cleaning brush, 4 bobbins, seam ripper, 3 spool caps, screw driver, and eyelet punch. The 4 presser feet include zigzag foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, and a 4-step buttonhole foot similar to LX387A. You can also purchase additional if you decide to experiment on more sewing styles.

Similar to LX387A, the LX387 also features 17 stitches. Both of these Brother machines use Class 15, SA156 bobbins. After that, they feature automatic bobbin winding on the top of them. The bobbin can be dropped underneath the bobbin case in the base after it is wound.

Threading the needle is also easy; you can follow the quick-start guide to do it. Though there is no automatic needle threading system, the threading process by hand is easy. The buttonhole insertion for this machine is created manually in 4 steps. After that, you can attach the button sewing foot and zigzag stitch yourself on the button.

Overall, the machine delivers excellent value for price. Though it is regarded as a quilting machine, you can still create some beautiful quilts with it. There is a spring-action quilting foot that helps in free-motion quilting. Apart from that, it can also good for fabrics of thickness up to 6 mm. it is a compact and portable machine that doesn’t take much space on the desk.

More features of Brother LX3817

  • It has dimensions of 12.1’’ X 5.8’’ X 15.4’’ and it weighs 10.4 lbs.
  • There are 4 presser feet which include zigzag, zipper, buttonhole foot, and buttonhole sewing foot.
  • There is a free arm for sewing sleeves and cuffs.
  • There is a bright LED-lit work area.
  • There is an upper thread tension control dial.
  • There is clear-view bobbin cover too.

Our recommendation

The Brother LX3817A and LX3817 are good full-size sewing machines for beginners. These machines are good for those sewing enthusiasts who are on a budget. The warranty for both of these machines include 1 year warranty for parts, labors and accessories and 2 years for electronic components. Moreover, there is a 25-year warranty for chassis too.

Since both the machines are similar in price and features, it depends on you to choose one according to your preference of color. Our recommendation is Brother LX3817A because of its unique aqua color and pattern. On the other hand, Brother LX3817 is equally good and has white color.

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