Makita XRJ07ZB Review

If you have a job where you’ll be doing a lot of demolishing or remodeling, a reciprocating saw is essential. Even better, a compact model will allow you to fit into places where you couldn’t before, letting you make challenging cuts that were once impossible. Makita delivers with its high-quality XRJ07ZB. It’s lightweight, cuts fast, and has tool-less blade-changing capabilities. We’ll explore its many great features before recommending this excellent tool.

Makita XRJ07ZB Specifications

Makita XRJ07ZB

The Makita XRJ07ZB features a brushless motor, which is beneficial in its own right. However, because this reciprocating saw is so lightweight, you’ll likely want to use a compact battery pack. The brushless motor will give you a longer runtime from that pack.

It features one of the most compact sizes of reciprocating saws available on the market, coming in at 12½ inches long. In height, it’s just over 8½ inches tall with the 5.0 AH battery pack attached. It only weighs 4 pounds 15 ounces with no battery and 6 pounds 5 ounces with a 5.0 AH battery pack.

This reciprocating saw features 3,000 strokes per minute with a 13/16-inch stroke length. Despite its compact size, these features deliver fast and efficient cutting, making it comparable to full-size reciprocating saws. The only downside is it’s slightly smaller stroke length, whereas many other compact reciprocating saws have at least a one-inch stroke length in comparison.

When compared to the Dewalt DCS367B, the Makita XRJ07ZB is one ounce lighter without a battery. The Dewalt is also longer at 14½ inches and offers a 1⅛-inch stroke length. The Makita offers the higher variable speed coming in at 3,000 strokes per minute compared to the Dewalt’s 2,900 strokes per minute. However, both models offer a built-in LED light for better visual effects.

You’ll have no trouble changing your blades with a tool-free blade-changing option. All you have to do is twist open the blade lock to insert a new blade or release the old one. Its LED light is positioned above the blade, offering the most effective blade placement in even the lowest lighting. 

Because of its compact size, your hands will be closer together than on a full-size reciprocating saw, making it easier to manage the weight, which is still lighter than most of the Makita line. The handle design and rubber over mold also help ensure a comfortable grip.

It also has rugged durability, protecting against dust and water in the harshest working conditions. You’ll enjoy using your compact reciprocating saw for longer than other brands that don’t have this feature.

Other Features

  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT)
  • Star Protection Computer Controls
  • Electric brake
  • Reinforced fixed shoe


The Makita XRJ07ZB is an excellent tool to have at your disposal when you need to make cuts in tight spaces. A reciprocating saw is essential for any demolition or remodeling project, but they can’t all achieve what this compact unit can. In addition, it offers high speeds that are astounding for it’s small size. We recommend this model for professionals across all trades.

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