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Makita GD0600 Vs. GD0601 Review

Die grinders are essential tools for all the fine details you need to add to your metal and woodworking jobs. While there are many options to choose from on the market today, Makita has two excellent models, the GD0600 and GD0601. They’re both ¼-inch die grinders that offer extreme comfort to the user due to their ergonomic designs. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll have the power you need to get through all your heavy-duty applications with ease. We’ll compare these models based on design and operation before making a recommendation.

Makita GD0600

Makita GD0600

The Makita GD0600 is a ¼-inch die grinder. It features an extra large paddle switch that allows for the most comfortable operation. In addition, for further comfort, it’s ergonomically designed with a slim body that will let you grind in the tightest spots.

You won’t have to worry about dust getting into the motor as it has anti-dust protection. Because of the positioning of the vent slots, all exhaust air will be directed away from you. Its high heat resistance lets you work uninterrupted for long periods and provides excellent durability.

Its 3.5 Amp motor can handle all heavy-duty applications with 25,000 rpm. The Makita GD0600 is 14 ⅛ inches long and 3 ½ pounds. It comes with a one-year warranty. Noise won’t be a problem; it only comes in at 73 dB(A). 

Your workpiece will be beautiful with no marring, as the round-shaped collet nut prevents scratches and other damage during operation. Additionally, it’s fully electric, so there’s no need to keep up with batteries.

You’ll receive the Makita GD0600, a collet cone, and two number 13 wrenches. It’s everything you need to get started with all your essential grinding projects.

Makita GD0601

Makita GD0601

If you’re looking for speed, power, and superior motor protection, you’ll want the Makita GD0601. These three features combine to provide improved grinding performance for all your projects. This grinder has a fantastic Makita-built motor delivering 25,000 rpm at 3.5 Amps. It’s fully electric, so you won’t need to buy or maintain batteries.

Like the Makita GD0600, the Makita GD0601 features a slim body design for ergonomic comfort. It also features a rounded collet nut to ensure your workpiece doesn’t suffer from unnecessary damage during operation. However, instead of a paddle switch, it features a convenient slide switch for all your on/off functions.  

Your grinder will have a wonderful, long-lasting life due to the front and rear air vents that are strategically placed to allow cooler operational temperatures under continuous use. Additionally, it has an AC/DC switch so you can use it with alternative power sources. It’s 14.13 inches long and weighs 3 ¾ pounds. 

Your Makita GD0601 grinder’s motor will be thoroughly protected from debris due to its solid construction. It has a labyrinth design that effectively seals the motor and bearings. This is done by creating a complex set of channels, resulting in an exceptional extension of the tool’s life. The armature is also sealed with a zig-zag varnish that protects from and prevents contamination by creating a barrier while the unit is under rotation.

You’ll enjoy maximum comfort due to directional airflow vents ensuring the air output is directed away from your face. The grinder has a small diameter barrel grip and rubberized gear housing, which combine to offer enhanced comfort. You’ll also experience much less noise at only 73 dB(A). The stepped neck will allow you to work in the tightest spots that alternative tools will not allow you to access.

In addition to your Makita GD0601, you’ll receive a ¼-inch collet cone and wrenches. You’ll be ready to get to work with your die grinder straight out of the box.

Our Recommendation

Either drill has the power you need to get through major projects with fine detail and precision. The GD0600 offers the ease and comfort of a large paddle switch and an ergonomic design. We recommend this die grinder for professionals who have detailed work and often need to access tight spots.

On the other hand, the GD0601 is even more straightforward to use with the slide switch for a convenient on/off function. Because of this feature, with the combination of ergonomic design and the ability to fit in tight spots, we recommend this for professionals.

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