DEWALT DCM848B vs DCM849B Review

When detailing automotive exteriors, having cordless tools at your disposal is essential. It makes it more convenient and helps prevent damage by eliminating power cords dragging across the surface of the vehicle. Dewalt offers two exceptional models, the DCM848B and DCM849B, that offer premium polishing options. We’ll compare them based on weight, ease of use, and overall control before making a recommendation.

Dewalt DCM848B


The Dewalt DCM848B cordless car polisher features a brushless motor, giving it efficient performance and excellent runtime. It has a 2.1-inch orbit diameter and a 5-inch backing plate. This orbital polisher’s speed range is 2000 – 5500 OPM for all applications. It has variable speed on the trigger and dial to allow for better control throughout the application of the tool. 

You’ll enjoy the rubber gear case overmold as it reduces surface imperfections while improving your gripping surface. You’ll be comfortable no matter how many hours you spend buffing. 

In addition, you can hold this tool with the front grip or side handle. The front grip will allow you to apply the perfect amount of pressure for heavy-duty applications. The battery is held sideways, which allows for better ergonomics and aids in the prevention of scratching your work surface. The battery experiences almost no self-discharge, allowing for maximum productivity with minimal downtime. Note that this model does not come with the battery.

Because the motor is brushless, it has a long life. You’ll enjoy more runtime for high efficiency. With the long motor life, you’ll be able to get the job done time and again without problems. It weighs 5.7 pounds and measures 17 ⅛ inches long.

This random orbit polisher is constructed to work in the garage and on the job site. It’s perfect for all your needs, including sanding, polishing, and buffing. With its lightweight design, you’ll have no problems using this tool for hours at a time.

You can use the Dewalt DCM848B for a wide range of applications, including detailing cars, fiberglass, windshields, and headlights. 

Dewalt DCM849B


The Dewalt DCM849B cordless car polisher is a variable speed polisher with a brushless motor that offers high-efficiency performance. Its no-load speed range is 800 – 2200 RPM, and it features a variable speed trigger and dial. It features a 7-inch backing plate. 

You can hold this tool by its side or bail handle, which both come with it. In addition, you can use it in various angles and positions. Its rubber molding covers key areas to protect all your work surfaces. 

Like the DCM848B, the DCM849B has a horizontal battery housing to prevent damage to your work surface. Both models also require separate purchases of the battery. As mentioned, the DCM849B is a rotary polisher, and the DCM848B is an orbital polisher, making them slightly different in function. In addition, the DCM849B is smaller, weighing 4.7 pounds and measuring 16 inches long.

With an ergonomic design, the DCM849B offers you the ease of use when moving around your work surface. With its lightweight construction, you can polish, sand, and buff for hours without fatigue. 

The variable speed trigger allows for better control over all applications. You can slowly increase and decrease your application load, ensuring you get the exact results you want from this versatile car polisher. In addition, having this control will ensure you do not cause damage to the car’s surface.

Because it has a brushless motor, you’ll get more out of your DCM849B. Brushed motors feature a lot of friction that can cause the motor to overheat, causing you to experience a lot of downtimes. You’ll also get more power, extended use, and increased longevity from your tool.

Our Recommendation

The Dewalt DCM848B and DCM849B are both excellent options for car polishing needs. With their cordless construction and compact builds, they make polishing much easier for longer periods. The DCM848B is an excellent choice for those professionals who prefer an orbital-type polisher and do more finely detailed work that can be accomplished with the smaller backing plate. 

With its 7-inch backing plate and lighter weight, the DCM 849B is the better option for those professionals who prefer a rotary-style polisher and need a larger backing plate. 

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