Evolution S355MCS Review

When it comes to metal fabrication, having reliable and efficient tools is essential. The Evolution S355MCS chop saw has been highly recommended by pipefitters, machinists, and DIY enthusiasts alike ever since its release in the fall of 2022. To decide if it lives up to its reputation, we conducted an in-depth review of the Evolution S355MCS. But before we delve into our findings, let’s take a closer look at its features.

Benefits of the Evolution 14-Inch Mitering Chop Saw

The standout feature of Evolution S355MCS is its pivoting cutter head, which was the first of its kind in the industry for a saw of this size. This unique feature allows users to adjust the cutter head without having to move the material and fence, resulting in a significant savings of time and effort.







Moreover, here are the top features of the Evolution S355MCS:

  • 3-position pivoting cutter head
  • Miter table with precision adjustments
  • Front clamp rail assembly that adjusts for height
  • Knurled back fence and robust quick-release clamps for repeatable cuts
  • Removable V-block for securing tubes for cutting
  • Ambidextrous controls
  • Base plate that’s compatible with a Bench Dog
  • 3-year warranty if purchased new and 1-year warranty if refurbished
  • Manufacturer is based in Iowa with representation across Europe, Asia, and Australia

Now, let’s explore some of these benefits in depth.

Cutting Head

As we mentioned, the cutting head pivots forward, backward, and side to side then locks into place. No tools are needed to make adjustments.

Additionally, the non-sliding design prevents the operator from accidentally pushing or pulling off the cutting head, unlike a miter saw used for cutting wood, which has a sliding mechanism.

Miter Gauge

The niter gauge on the Evolution S355MCS offers preset detents for quick and easy adjustments to the cutting angle, which used to only be available on expensive band saws or cold saws.


Unlike the smooth metal fences on many tabletop saws, this one is textured or “knurled.” It improves the grip on the material being cut and reduces rotational force. The result is a safer, cleaner cut.

Cast Iron Clamps

The front rail has thumb screws to adjust the height and detent markings spaced every quarter inch for perfect alignment. The quick-release clamps slide along the rail and can be placed on the same side of the blade if needed. Then, each clamp also comes with a removable V-block for round materials.

Cutting Capacity

The powerful 15-amp motor can handle up to 4-3/4-inch mild steel square tubes at 90° and stainless steel plating up to 13/64 inches.

As for round tubing (mild steel), it can cut up to 4 inches at 45° or 4-3/4 inches at 90°. Lastly, the minimum cut-off piece length is 5/16 inches.

However, when the blade is tilted to the right, the saw can’t cut more than 1-3/4-inch wide material at 45°.

Cons of the Evolution S355MCS

Most reviewers appreciate the value for the price. On the downside, there’s no vacuum port. Instead, a chip deflector sends shards downward away from the operator. Even with this protection, the best practice would always be to wear proper protective equipment when operating the saw.

Another con is that the saw weighs 77 pounds. But it has a top carry handle and mounts on most miter saw job site stands.

What Users Are Saying about the Evolution S355MCS

There are many positive comments about the saw cutting metal like a hot knife through butter. Users say it makes quick, perfect cuts, and they appreciate the well-thought-out design.

Other Important Details About the Evolution S355MCS

The saw comes with the following materials:

  • 66-tooth mild steel tungsten-carbide-tipped blade
  • Double-ended 5mm/8mm hex key for changing the blade (stores on-board)
  • 10-foot power cord
  • Instruction manual


There are cheaper options if you craft metal and need a large-capacity chop saw. Nevertheless, the Evolution S355MCS provides a decisive benefit over the competition. Instead of repositioning materials and readjusting the fence, the operator can simply adjust the cutter head. This dramatically speeds up the workflow and significantly reduces effort.

Furthermore, the saw has ambidextrous controls and convenient features like quick-release clamps, preset detents, and removable V-blocks. The overall effect makes the saw quick to learn and easy to use. Based on the features and performance, the Evolution S355MCS is a worthwhile investment.

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