Creality CR-10 V3 vs CR-10S Pro V2 Review

Creality offers two 3D printer kits, the CR-10 V3 and the CR-10S V2.  Both printers offer a multitude of excellent features.  However, we will be comparing them based on extruders, power supply, and UI.  We will base our recommendation on user skill level as well as project need as we believe these to be the most important deciding factors.

Creality CR-10 V3

The CR-10 V3 is an FDM 3D printer.  It features a Titan Direct Drive extruder, dual fans, and silent printing.


The CR-10 V3 features a Titan Direct Drive extruder.  Located directly above the hot end, the extruder can push the filament directly into the nozzle.  Due to the minimal distance between the extruder and hot end, the extruder is more reliable when working with flexible soft filaments like TPU and ABS.  It can help avoid stringing and oozing of the filament during printing. 

Dual Fans

There are two fans installed on each side of the hot end.  This promotes the dissipation of the heat and allows for an immediate cooldown.  Additionally, this results in a reduction of jamming and spillage.  One fan cools the hot end, and at the same time cools the filament from one of the vent ducts.  The other fan is for the main cooling of the filament.

Noise, Structure, and Power

The CR-10 V3 has an upgraded silent motherboard.  It is backed by TMC2208 silent stepper drivers.  This combination results in great noise reduction.  Most of the noise comes from the fans.

The frame is all metal and has a stable triangle structure.  This results in a reduction of vibrations and increases print accuracy.

The printer also features a 24 V/350 W Meanwell power supply.  This assists in reaching desired temperatures more quickly and allows for printing with a wider range of materials.

Print Resume Function

The CR-10 V3 features a filament run-out sensor.  The printer will pause once the filament runs out, allowing the user time to replace it.  Once the new filament is inserted, printing will resume where it left off.

It also features a power loss resume function.  If for any reason power to the printer fails, the printer can continue the print job from the spot it was interrupted at as soon as power is restored.

Other Features

The UI is not a touchscreen.  It is manipulated with a knob.  Bed-leveling is manual; however, there is the option to upgrade to automatic bed-leveling by installing a BL-Touch leveling probe.

The print bed is ceramic coated glass.  Once heated, it offers good adhesion.  After it cools, the prints are easily extracted. 

The build volume is 300 x 300 x 400 mm.  Layer thickness is 0.1 to 0.4 mm. 

Creality CR-10S Pro V2

The CR-10S Pro V2 is an FFF/FDM 3D printer.  It features automatic bed-leveling, a Bowden dual-gear extruder, and a 3.4-inch touchscreen UI.

Like the CR-10 V3, the CR-10S Pro V2 comes equipped with a silent motherboard.  Both printers have a build volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm. 

Unlike the CR-10 V3, the CR-10S Pro V2 sports automatic bed leveling.  It also has a touchscreen UI.


The CR-10S Pro V2 has a BL-Touch detector that enables automated bed-leveling.  The printer can automatically measure the height of 9 unique points on the heated bed to determine the perfect settings for the best prints.  Users can still opt for assisted manual leveling and fully manual leveling options.


The printer uses a Bowden dual-gear extruder.  It uses a tube provided by Capricorn and is temperature resistant.  The whole system smoothly delivers the filament.  It supports a wide variety of filament materials, including PLA, PETG, ABS, and other flexible materials. 

Print Resume Function

Equipped with a power outage detection device, the printer will resume a print job from the exact point at which it was interrupted by power failure.  This prevents ruined projects and the need to start over.

Power Supply

The CR-10S Pro V2 comes equipped with a 500 W Meanwell power supply.  It is both powerful and stable, ensuring the largest, most intricate prints receive a consistent finish. 

Silent Motherboard

The printer features a silent motherboard that also guarantees stability and performance.  It is coupled with a TMC2208 silent driver.  The combination reduces the noise of the printer to almost nothing.


The CR-10S Pro V2 comes equipped with a 3.4-inch touchscreen UI.  It is easy to use and allows for quick browsing.  Users can change the temperatures to their preferred temperature instead of the presets.  The touchscreen supports sound, emitting a tone every time users press a button. 

Our Recommendation

Both printers offer a wide variety of excellent features; however, we must explore the differences so that users can choose between the two.  The CR-10 V3 offers a variety of features that lead to better filament management, quieter printing, and overall ease of use.  We recommend this printer to entry-level makers.  More advanced users will also find this to be a valuable printer since it is capable of printing expert-level prints.

On the other hand, the CR-10S Pro V3 offers features such as automatic bed-leveling, a 500 W power supply, and a touchscreen UI.  We recommend this printer for entry-level to professional users as it has something to offer everyone.

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