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Creality HALOT-ONE vs LD-002H Review

Resin 3D printing can be complicated if you don’t have the right light source and a way to filter out the odors caused by the printing process. Creality has created two excellent models to take care of both of these problems, the HALOT-ONE and the LD-002H. We are going to compare them based on layer height, build volume, and print screen resolution. We will base our recommendation on user skills and project needs.

Creality HALOT-ONE

The HALOT-ONE features Creality’s self-developed optical system. It offers greater precision, uniformity, and saturation, perfectly solving problems with uneven light curing, overexposure, and the development of a corrugated layer on print models.

Its optical system adopts the principle of reflection + refraction. The integral light source provides uniform light intensity distribution to ensure that every nook and cranny of your model will receive the same amount of light, resulting in even setting.The printing screen is an excellent 6-inch monochrome 2K LCD. It features a resolution up to 1620 x 2560.

It features the ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit processor, which allows for strong computing and data processing capabilities. In addition, you will be able to enable leapfrog upgrades as well as experience greatly reduced power consumption.

This user interface will clearly display all your necessary functions as well as printing status and parameter settings. It is extremely user-friendly, and you will have no problem learning how to use it.

The HALOT-ONE comes equipped with a dual cooling system for the fast release of heat. Additionally, it also has an air filtration system that features activated carbon. Odor emissions will no longer be a problem.

This printer comes with HALOT BOX slicing software. It features a user-friendly interface and enables you to slice models within four clicks.

HALOT-ONE supports OTA online upgrades. New features are continuously introduced so that the user experience is quickly improved.

The z-axis control system is extremely precise. It adopts a combination of a linear guide with a T-shaped screw. Together this provides a steadier, quieter, and more precise motion. There is no wobble or layer shifting. You will see a drastic reduction in the number of layers in the texture of your models.

This printer is ready to go straight out of the box, coming fully assembled. You will need to supply the resin and a curing station.

It features a print volume of 127 x 80 x 160 mm. It offers a minimum layer height of 0.05 mm. Print speeds range from 1 to 4 seconds per layer.

Creality LD-002H

The LD-002H features a 6-inch monochrome LCD that is also 2K HD. It has a 2560 x 1620 resolution. This screen offers a much longer lifespan as well as stable performance for all of your extended printing projects. Printing speed and the lifespan of the LCD are both greatly increased beyond your wildest expectations.

It comes equipped with an integrated UV light source module with an upgraded transmission system. These work together with the LCD to allow the light source to reach 8000 uw/cm2, greatly improving the precision and details of your prints.

Like the HALOT-ONE, the LD-002H can print at speeds of 1 to 4 seconds per layer. However, the LD-002H can provide finer detail with layer heights as small as 0.03 mm compared to the 0.05 mm of the HALOT-ONE.

To prevent you from having a problem with odors, the LD-002H comes with a built-in air filtration system with activated carbon. It is located in a small box at the rear of the unit where the cooling fans will filter the odors through, keeping them from escaping into the air.

The printer comes with CHITU BOX slicing software. All your adjustments and functions will be easy to achieve with this software.

Its user interface is a 3.5- inch full-color touchscreen. You will be able to monitor real-time printing from here and perform all the other necessary functions. It is very user-friendly.

The printer also offers a larger build volume to allow for more choices when making prints. The size is 130 x 82 x 160 mm.

Our Recommendation

Clearly, both resin printers offer excellent features and solve the problems that often come with this type of printer. The HALOT-ONE offers a minimum layer height of 0.05 mm, a build volume of 127 x 80 x 160 mm, and a printing screen resolution of 2560 x 1620 that allows for print speeds of 1 – 4 seconds per layer. We recommend this printer for beginners to advanced users.

On the other hand, the LD-002H offers a minimum layer height of 0.03 mm, a build volume of 130 x 82 x 160 mm, and a printing screen resolution of 2560 x 1620 that provides a print speed of 1 – 4 seconds per layer. We recommend this printer for beginners to advanced users who have more detailed projects that they need to print.

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