Flashforge Foto 8.9 vs ELEGOO Saturn Review

Flashforge and ELEGOO offer two desktop resin 3D printers, the Foto 8.9 and the Saturn, respectively. Both printers offer excellent features but we are going to compare them based on build volume, bed leveling, and LCD structure. We will base our decision on user skill level and project needs. 

Flashforge Foto 8.9

Flashforge Foto 8.9

The FlashforgeFoto 8.9 is an LCD-based SLA/MSLA 3D desktop printer. It offers features like a large print area, fast layer drying time, and easy bed leveling. 


The FlashforgeFoto 8.9 Printer features an 8.9” 4K monochrome LCD. It has an HD resolution of 3840 x 2400.  The light distribution is much more consistent than previous Foto models, meaning the Foto 8.9 provides much more consistent prints. Layer dry time is 2 seconds of exposure to the LCD. 

Large Print Size 

It features a larger printing size of 192 x 120 x 200 mm. This offers users the ability to print full-size models, improving efficiency.

Double Linear Rails

The Foto 8.9 comes equipped with double linear rails. The Z-axis lines rails move steadily. This eliminates layer lines on the final products, resulting in a smooth surface and delicate texture. 

Other Specs

Additionally, it uses a UV wavelength of 405 nm. It is compatible with 405 nm wavelength photosensitive resin. 

The printer features a sturdy frame. Also, the resin vat and UV cover are designed to be almost impossible to misalign. 

It has an innovative airflow design. This ensures there is an optimal 3D printing environment. It also increases 3D printing quality and extends the life of the LCD. 

The bed leveling feature is incredibly easy to use. The printer can be ready to go in less than a half-hour. 

Layer height is 0.025 – 0.2 mm.  Additionally, the Foto 8.9 offers a print speed of 10 – 50 mm per hour. It has a 0.05 mm XY resolution. 



The ELEGOO Saturn is an LCD-based MSLA 3D desktop printer. It features a large build volume, an upgraded LED light matrix, and a simplified leveling process. 

Like the Foto 8.9, the Saturn features a build volume of 192 x 120 x 200 mm. They also have similar LCD structures. 


The Saturn comes equipped with an 8.9-inch monochrome LCD with 4K resolution. Additionally, layer drying time is as fast as 2 – 3 seconds.  The LCD has an extra-long lifespan of 2,000 hours. 

It offers an upgraded LED light matrix. Consequently, combined with the 4K monochrome LCD, this provides outstanding print quality with better details. 

Double Z-Axis

It features a double Z-axis linear railway. It also comes equipped with a shock-absorbing unit. This provides more accurate and stable movement, ensuring consistent and reliable results. 

Dual Fans

There are two fans on the back of the unit. They provide airflow for the controller board and the UV LED light source. However, they do not provide air filtration. 

Bed Leveling 

This model features a simplified leveling process. The process only requires the manipulation of two bolts on the build platform. 


The Saturn uses ChiTuBox for slicing, preparing, and exporting files. ChiTuBox reduces the need for secondary software to create supports, hollow models, or make any other changes that would require a longer workflow. 

Large Build Volume

The large build volume allows for the printing of multiple miniatures in one print. Print speed is dictated by the number of layers, not the number of miniatures. This means that increasing the number of miniatures will not increase the printing time. 

Other Specs

XY resolution is 0.05 mm. It uses 405 nm UV light. It is compatible with DLP photopolymer resin. 

The Saturn features both the ability to transfer files via a USB stick and to connect to a network via an Ethernet port. 

Our Recommendation 

Clearly, both printers offer excellent specifications. However, we must break down the differences before users commit to one of them. The Foto 8.9 offers an 8.9-inch LCD, easy bed leveling, and large print size. We recommend this printer for all user levels, including beginners. 

On the other hand, the Saturn offers an 8.9-inch LCD with an upgraded LED matrix, a large build volume, and simplified bed leveling. We recommend this printer for beginners as well as those needing to print multiple miniatures with high-definition features at once. 

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