Anet ET5X vs ET5 Pro Review

Anet offers two desktop 3D printer kits, the ET5X and the ET5 Pro. Both printers offer a wide range of excellent features. We will be comparing the two models based on assembly, filament detection sensors, and print bed and print head heating speeds. We will base our recommendation on user skill and project needs as these will be the basis for choosing which printer is the best choice. 

Anet ET5X 

The ET5X 3D printer is a small desk printer. It offers a large build volume, easy-to-use UI, and fast assembly. 

The ET5X offers dual Z-axis rods and motors. This ensures smoothness and accuracy of even the slightest movements. The dual Y-axis provides a more stable and level moving stage for the build platform. 

While it is a small machine, it offers a large build volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm. This allows users to create large projects without splitting them up. 

The ET5X provides an automatic leveling function. This works by measuring 25 points across the print bed to ensure that it is level. 

The filament is loaded and unloaded with a click of a button. The printer also has a filament detection sensor that identifies when the filament is low and sends a signal to the screen to replace the filament. Additionally, it features an auto-resume function to resume printing after power failures. Printing will recover from exactly where it left off. 

The 3.5-inch touchscreen offers an easy-to-use UI with four available languages. File selection is easy. Previewing the printing in real-time is also easy. 

Assembly is quick and easy, taking no more than 30 minutes to an hour.  The unit is partially pre-assembled and only requires the installation of 6 screws and 3 cables. 

The printer supports online and offline printing. Designs can be uploaded via SD cards and USB drives. The printer can also be connected to a computer via the USB port. 

Anet ET5 Pro

The ET5 Pro is a desktop 3D printer offering many advanced features. It has a large build volume, automatic bed leveling, and an automatic print resume feature. 

Like the ET5X, the ET5 Pro offers a large build volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm. Both printers offer dual Z-axis rods and motors. Additionally, they both offer a dual Y-axis for stability and level moving of the build platform. The ET5 Pro also offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen UI. 

The ET5 Pro offers automatic measuring across 25 points of the print platform to ensure heat bed leveling. Asensor probes the bed in a grid, applying mesh-based leveling compensation. This ensures printing on a level bed without involving time-consuming leveling tasks. However, after assembly, users will have to manually level the printer before using the auto-leveling feature. 

This printer features a filament detection sensor. It will send reminders to the screen when it detects the filament end to prevent air printing. There is also a resume printing option that will recover printing from where it left off if a power outage occurs. 

The filament is loaded and unloaded automatically with just a click. The printer offers print speeds of 150 mm per second. 

This printer comes partially pre-assembled. Full assembly will only take users approximately ten minutes. 

The ET5 Pro can be connected online or offline. Prints can be uploaded via an SD card or a USB drive. Additionally, the printer can be connected to a computer via the USB port. Users can also download prints from the internet and scale them to size for the ET5 Pro using the provided Cura software. 

This printer offers quiet printing. Most of the noise comes from the cooling fans only. 

The print bed and print head heat very quickly. The print head heats from 35C to 200C in just two minutes. This means users will not have to wait for the filament to heat up. The print bed will heat to 60C in just under one minute for most prints. 

Our Recommendation

While both printers offer excellent features, we must break down the differences before users commit to buying one or the other. The ET5X offers a small frame with a large build volume and an excellent UI. We recommend this printer for seasoned users. 

On the other hand, the ET5 Pro offers automatic bed leveling, fast heating, and a filament detection sensor. We recommend this printer for seasoned printers and 3D printer enthusiasts. 

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