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LONGER LK4 vs LK4 Pro Review

Longer 3D introduces two editions of desktop 3D printer kits, the LK4 and the LK 4 Pro. While both of these innovative, structure design printers boast impressive technological features, we’ll be drawing the difference to compare against design, intelligence operative systems, and assembly in order to offer the best suited recommendation for users depending on their needs and ideals. Our recommendation will be weighed upon demographic and project purposes as well, as we believe that these factors tie into the ultimate decision of selecting either the LK4 or LK4 Pro.

Longer LK4

The LK4 with its compact size and 2.8” full color touch screen offers itself as an easy to operate 3D printer. Notable features of the LK4 include a UI  preview for prompt changes in the form field, a printing process screen menu, offline support, and recovery fall-back which will resume printing processes after abrupt loss of power.

The LK4 is not only designed with utility in mind, but innovation as well. Recovery printing features even has you covered when the system hardware detects filament shortage which will command suspension of all printing processes in order to save on time and 3D filament.

With carefully crafted consideration for safety, the design of the LK4 features the power supply to be located beneath the flatbed of the operating system. The developmental devotion invested in the LK4 has resolved many complications of reported warped bed issues. As a result, the latest feature of the tempered glass plate on the heated bed is the answer many users may have been waiting for in regards to extended life span of the 3D printer, which aids in durability as well.

What’s more, the warranty and support of the LK4 includes continuous support from trained technical experts on a 24 hour helpline for 12 months after purchase.

Longer LK4 Pro

The introduction of the LK4 Pro is the latest model of Marlin firmware which has since expanded on its functionality which includes automatic bed leveling, high-performance accuracy every time, and with the integration of Plug and Play TMC2208, soundless run-through operation.

In comparison with the LK4, the build of the Pro edition is slightly bigger with a 4.3 inch touch screen and a larger glass build platform. However, like the LK4, the Pro design features a sensitive UI design which enables ease of use while at the same time, offering unparalleled excellence when it comes to registering signal interference and responds accordingly without information overload or complication. All around uniformity in the high-powered heating systems of the hot bed not only offers efficiency, but superior adhesion as well.

Recovery features of the LK4 Pro includes sensory indication of filament run-out, and in addition, power outage protection in the case of sudden electrical discrepancies or interruptions; so, you can work with ease in knowing the LK4 Pro is built to withstand the unpredictable.

Customizability is empowered with the integration of open source firmware in the LK4 Pro which allows creators to make alterations to the C-code, unlike the LK4 which does not allow open-source collaboration and alterations. This quality may be more geared towards advanced users seeking a more sophisticated approach to 3D printing.  

Our Recommendation

Though it’s evident that both 3D printers offer exceptional features and quality assurance, we do want to delineate the difference between the two products before users proceed in making the commitment to selecting either one. With usability and easy assembly as a defining feature, we highly recommend the LK4 for beginner to intermediate creators interested in beginning or refining their 3D printing projects. This high quality FDM printer and frame design is well-suited for this particular demographic of users.

On the flip side, the LK4 Pro is primarily focused around customizability over usability. This edition would cater more appropriately to advanced creators interested in fine-tuning the printer by engaging in source code. The ability to also work collaboratively with other users to exchange changes within the community is also a part of the open-source appeal that comes with the LK4 Pro which may appeal more to an advanced audience. 

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