ANYCUBIC Mega Pro vs Vyper Review

ANYCUBIC offers two user-friendly, desktop 3D printer kits, the Mega Pro and the Vyper.  While both models are highly innovative and boast amazing technological features, we will be comparing the two based on design, leveling systems, and fail-safe mechanisms.  User skill level as well as project plans will be taken into consideration when making the ultimate decision of selecting either the Mega Pro or the Vyper.



The ANYCUBIC Mega Pro is a dual function printer.  In addition to 3D printing, it boasts the ability to engrave on surfaces like leather, wood, and paper.  The laser is rated at 1500mW of power.  Other notable features of the Mega Pro include a dual gear extruder, allowance of multi-color printing, and stepper drivers that quiet down the printing process.

The Mega Pro is designed with convenience in mind as well as being cutting edge.  Sporting a solid metal frame and upgraded leveling knobs, assembly is as easily completed in just a few minutes.  The filament-run-out sensor will identify when the filament is low and pause all printing processes to save the 3D filament.  Power loss is no longer a problem as the Mega Pro has the option to the restart the printing where it left off at the power fail.  Assisted bed leveling assists during the user calibration process and identifies all necessary leveling points.

The dual gear extruder presses the filament in from two sides, ensuring that it does not slip during the printing process.  The extruder is, additionally, flexibly compatible with different kinds of filaments.  The Mega Pro offers up to 6 preset pauses, which can be used to change out filaments to print in multiple colors.

With safety in mind, all wires, motors, and control boards are enclosed.  Another important note is that this is one of the few 3D printers that arrive with textured glass platforms. 



The ANYCUBIC Vyper is any easy-to-use, beginner friendly 3D printer that can be set up in as few as ten minutes.  The main features of this printer include automatic bed leveling, an ARM Cortex-M3 chip and a 32-bit motherboard to ensure quiet printing, and a wide variety of filament choices.

In comparison with the Mega Pro the Vyper does boast a 4.3” touch screen while the Mega Pro offers an antiquated-looking screen.  They are both solidly built printers that easily fit on a desktop.  The Vyper has an automatic-leveling system, where the Mega Pro has both a manual knob system and an assisted bed-leveling system.  Like the Mega Pro, the Vyper offers a filament runout sensor that stops printing when the filament runs out and a power off resume function that will prompt the user to resume printing at the point the power failed.  Additionally, the Vyper, like the Mega Pro, sports a double gear extruder.

Unlike the Mega Pro, there are no preset stops for the Vyper.  This makes multi-color printing difficult and inconvenient as the user must be right by the printer to stop it manually at the exact time needed.  Laser engraving is also not offered by this printer.  Instead of the glass platform that the Mega Pro has, the Vyper has a textured steel sheet.

ANYCUBIC made Vyper’s firmware open source, which allows users to modify some settings.  Settings like stepper drivers, junction deviation, and linear advance can be altered.

In addition to all the features of the Vyper, there is also a one-year guarantee that comes with 24-hour customer service to assist with any potential issues.

Our Recommendation

While both 3D printer models offer fantastic features, we want to outline the differences between the two before users make a commitment to buying either one.  The Mega Pro stands out for its 2-in-1 capabilities and multicolor printing.  With the advanced technology of this printer, we would recommend this to intermediate users. 

On the other hand, the Vyper is designed with simplicity in mind.  With its easy set up and auto-leveling features, it takes the guesswork out it for users.  However, adjusting settings and printing in multi-color are more advanced aspects of using this printer.  Beginners through advanced users would be satisfied with this model as it offers something for everyone.   

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