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DEWALT DHS716AT2 vs DHS716AB Review

It’s a cordless world now. You can take this miter saw to any job site whether or not it has electricity and still get your work done. Let’s take a closer look to see which of these two kits holds the most value for you.





DEWALT DHS716AT2 FLEXVOLT 120V MAX 12” 2-Battery Fixed Miter Saw Kit

When discussing a cordless tool, it always comes down to two questions. How long does the battery last and how well does the tool perform when compared to a corded model? We’ll begin with an explanation of DEWALT’s FLEXVOLT battery system and why it’s worth your while to invest in it.

For the ultimate in convenience,, the FLEXVOLT battery packs are compatible with both 20V MAX and 60V/120V MAX tools. Yes, you can power your drill or impact driver on the same lithium-ion battery that you use in the DHS716 miter saw. It will automatically switch voltages. And each pack will last up to four times as long as a regular 20V battery. This cuts down on the amount of equipment you need to haul with you.

When mounted on the miter saw with a full charge, one of these packs should manage 289 crosscuts in baseboard. And if you run out of charge, you can plug in the AC adapter and keep the saw going as a corded tool.

Besides the innovative battery system, there is more to like about the DHS716 miter saw. For one, it has a brushless motor, essential for getting the most out of a battery. Brushless motors are the pro’s choice for various reasons. They run cooler and more efficiently for more years of service, they make less noise, and they don’t need maintenance like brushed motors.

The DHS716 miter saw is powerful enough to slice through hardwoods and crosscut dimensional lumber up to 2×10, or 9-1/2-inches wide at 90 degrees. It can also handle up to 6-3/4-inches vertical height, or 7-1/2-inches nested. When mitered out to 45 degrees, it cuts 4×6 inches. And when beveled at 45 degrees, it manages 2×10 lumber if you use the back fence.

To continue on the subject of the saw’s capability, it has a no-load top speed of 3800rpm, fast enough to slice through tough jobs without burning the stock you’re cutting. It miters 50 degrees left and 60 degrees right, and bevels up to 45 degrees on both sides. Since it’s a compound dual bevel miter saw, you won’t need to pull out the material you’re working on and flip it over to bevel the other side. And the built-in Cutline Blade Positioning System, or LED light, makes it easy to see if you’re cutting in the right spot. In conclusion, those are better specs than you’ll find on some competitor’s corded models.

More features of the DEWALT DHS716AT2 Miter Saw Kit:

  • Covered by DEWALT’s 3-year limited warranty with one-year free service and 90-day money-back guarantee
  • The AT2 kit includes two batteries and charger as well as dust bag, blade, and blade change wrench
  • Saw weighs 44 pounds without batteries onboard

DEWALT DHS716AB FLEXVOLT 120V MAX 12” Fixed Miter Saw with Adapter Only

Why might you purchase the DEWALT DHS816AB kit instead of the DHS716AT2? It comes down to money, of course. You might already have DEWALT’s FLEXVOLT system with battery packs. In which case, buying the DHS716AB bare tool is a way to save cash. This kit comes with the AC adapter but not the charger or the two 60V MAX battery packs.

On the other hand, if you wanted to try out the saw without investing in the battery system, you can still use it while it’s plugged into the wall. But buying the FLEXVOLT package by itself may cost more in the end.

More features of the DEWALT DHS716AB Miter Saw:

  • Covered by DEWALT’s 3-year limited warranty with one year free service and 90-day money-back guarantee
  • The AT2 kit includes dust bag, blade, and blade change wrench
  • Saw weighs 44 pounds without batteries onboard


If you want a lightweight, portable cordless miter saw, lots of users will tell you that the DHS716 is a tool worth buying. If you’re new to the FLEXVOLT system, get the DHS716AT2 kit complete with the charger and two 60V batteries. You can then power both your saw as well as DEWALT 20V MAX tools with the same packs.

Otherwise, you can still run the saw off the AC adapter without the batteries, or use ones you already have, if you get the DHS716AB kit.

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