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Dewalt dws780 vs dw718 Review

A lot of carpenters, framers, cabinet makers and all those who are interested in doing woodwork would like to make sure that they are using a powerful miter saw that they can use for different things. It does not matter whether the equipment is going to be used to repair things or to do various construction jobs. What matters is that the right equipment is going to be used. With the different miter saws that are available, choosing just one can be a bit hard. Most of the time, people are able to narrow it down to two choices. In this case, the two choices are Dewalt dws780 and the dw718. Through this article, all the proper details will be available to help people make the right choice.

Dewalt dws780 vs dw718

Dewalt DWS 780 12 Inch Sliding Compound

Purchasing the Dewalt Dws780 will probably impress those who will get it for the first time because of its very neat packaging. People can be sure that each part of the miter saw will be placed and protected accordingly. Knowing the features of the Dewalt dws780 will also help people know if it would be the best miter saw to purchase.

Advantages of the Dewalt dws 780 Inch Sliding Compound

  • Ultimate accuracy can be relied upon when using the dws780. This is very helpful for me even though I consider my hands quite steady but at least I can be sure that I can quite precisely because this product will allow my hands to be steadier. This can also be a relief to people who do not have steady hands who would like to have accurate cuts of wood each time.
  • Reduction of possible tangling is also apparent with the design of the dws780. One of the main reasons why wood cutters and workers get injured is because of tangling. The power cord is located at the back of the machine to ensure that the cord will not be stepped on or tripped on by people.
  • The bevel design is easy to see which is great because there are some miter saws with hard to see bevel design. Aside from this, the bevel is also very easy to use so adjusting the angle so that the cut will be precise and accurate can also be done easily.

Disadvantage of the Dewalt dws780 Inch Sliding Compound

  • Probably the main disadvantage of this machine is the fact that it can take up a lot of space which makes it not a good option when people only have a small space available to place the equipment. It is portable enough but the space that it will take up may not be appreciated by all.

Dewalt DW718 12 Inch Double Bevel Compound

People can be sure that this miter saw can be very powerful and will give the performance that they might be expecting from it. It might seem the same with the dws780 but here are just some of the things to think about.

  • Unlike the dws780, the dw718 has a double bevel sliding compound which means that this can be the best equipment to use when working with items that are delicate or materials that might need more care than others.
  • The fencing design of the dw718 is good enough but is still incomparable when compared to the dsw780 because of the power and accuracy that the former can bring when used.
  • The grip of the dw718 is considered to be poor especially when compared to the dws780. The main reason for this is probably because the cam lock handle is harder to use than the dws780.

Through the differences and similarities of the two models, it will be easy to see why some people prefer one model over the other. The preference of people may change depending on how they are going to use the product. Choosing the right model is easy with all the facts mentioned above.


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