DEWALT DWS709 vs DWS780 Review – Miter Saw Showdown

DEWALT has been a brand name for almost a hundred years. Their yellow-accented tools are often the contractor’s choice because they have a reputation for durability. You’ve chosen the brand. Now how do you choose between these two similar miter saws?

Both saws weigh under 60 pounds and have 12 inch circular blades. Their bases are machined aluminum and their miter detent plates are stainless steel. They have 15 amp motors that run at 3900 rpm under no load. Both saws come with a one year free service contract and a three year limited warranty. But there are some key differences. This review will help you decide which miter saw best meets your needs.










DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch

The DWS709 will slice through crown molding up to 5-1/2 inches tall laying diagonally, or nested. It can handle crown molding up to 4-1/2 inches tall placed vertically against the back fence.

With a change in blade, it can cut plastic or aluminum.

The fences slide out of the way for bevel cuts. The specially designed back fence allows cuts to 2×14 lumber at up to a 90 degree angle and 2×10 at up to 45 degrees.

Horizontally, the DWS709 can hold up to a 9-1/2 inch baseboard. It can also handle crown molding up to 8 inches in width.

The miter detent plate has a knob that locks into thirteen positive stops at commonly used angles. It can also be precision-set with the override. This saw miters, or angles, up to 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right.

Features of the DWS709:

      • Maximum vertical capacity is 4.5 inches
      • Maximum nested capacity is 5.5 inches
      • Maximum horizontal width for 90 degree crosscut is 9.5 inches
      • Maximum capacity of 45 degree miter cut is 6.8 inches
      • 13 positive stops with precision angle override
      • Miters 50 degrees left and 60 degrees right
      • Fences slide to make easy adjustments and increase capacity
      • Blade arbor sizes are 5/8 or 1 inch
      • Weight is 51 pounds.

The DWS709 comes with a 32 tooth carbide blade and blade wrench, a dust bag that attaches to a funnel on the back, a quick-release material clamp, and of course, a user manual.

DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The DWS780 can handle bigger jobs than the DWS709 and has some unique capabilities and extras.

One of the useful features of the DWS780 is the XPS LED light and cut alignment guide that casts a shadow where the blade will touch the wood. The shadow also shows the width of the blade. This system does not require recalibration like traditional laser guides do.

The miter detent plate has only 10 positive stops but there is an override for smaller adjustments. The bevel stop handle is quick release.

Like the DWS709, the DWS780 has a dust collection system. DEWALT says it catches up to 75% of the dust created by both slide and chop.

It weighs just a bit more at 56 pounds. It comes with a 60 tooth blade and blade wrench, a dust bag, a vertical material clamp, and a user manual.


Unique features of the DWS780:

      • Maximum height of 6-3/4 inches for vertical baseboard against the fence
      • Up to 7-1/2 inches for nested crown molding
      • 16 inch width horizontal capacity to cut baseboard laying flat or to crosscut lumber
      • Crosscut up to 2×16 lumber at 90 degrees, or 2×12 at 45 degrees.
      • Depth stop for cutting grooves
      • LED light cut and alignment gui


The main differences between these two miter saws are the larger capacity of the DWS780, its LED light cut guide, and depth stop. These features make the DWS780 ideal for projects with larger materials and those needing groove cuts.

The DWS709 has a smaller capacity, but requires less space to operate and is slightly lighter in weight. This saw would be advantageous for those with smaller projects, tighter workspaces, and the need to be mobile.


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  1. I have been comparing these two exact models and this gives me the answers I need to make the right decision (which was the DWS780, btw). Thanks Andy!


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