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Dewalt Dwx723 vs Dwx724 Review

Searching for the right saws to use can be easy in the beginning when the features of the different products are all different. It would also be easy to choose depending on the brand and of course the price of the equipment. Some people who are searching for the right miter saws find themselves confused between the dwx723 and the dwx724.  For those who would like to seek more details about the two, they are in luck. The goal of this article is to help inform people about the differences of the two and which one should be purchased.

dewalt dwx723 vs dwx724

Dewalt dwx723 Heavy Miter Stand

The great thing about Dewalt dwx723 is that you can be sure that it is a miter saw that will last for a long period of time. Dewalt products are known to be strong and can last long. The warranty that they are giving out is also good for three long years. This would be enough to do a lot of projects with this fine equipment.

Advantages of Dewalt dwx723 Heavy Miter Stand

  • For those who are searching for something that is stable, this may be the best product to buy. It is very sturdy and all of the table extensions that may be used from time to time depending on the cuts that are being made can lock the legs of the table stand into place.
  • The great advantage of this model over all the other models is that it is very portable. Aside from the fact that it is 35lbs, it also comes with wheels which make it easier for the saw to be brought from one place to another. The stands will also not collapse with the weight of the portable saw itself so there is nothing to worry about. I have tried moving it around and I did not have any doubts about how stable it is.
  • This is very solid. Even if it does not seem like it at first glance, the saw itself can also act as a great workbench. It will hold weight well and will be able to cut through materials nicely.

Disadvantage of the Dewalt dwx723 Heavy Miter Stand

  • The stops that were made to be available together with the whole package are a bit on the smaller side. When I wanted to get the larger stops, I have realized that I would have to shell out some money on that. I believe that it should have been included in its original set.

Dewalt dwx724 Compact Miter Stand

  • Unlike the dwx723, the dwx724 has some extensions that will make it possible to make even deeper cuts when the material permits it to happen. While this may be an advantage when it comes to working, this can be a bit of a problem when it comes to portability because this means that it will be hard to bring around.
  • The dwx724 can hold a lot of weight. In fact, it can hold up to 500lbs of weight which is a lot considering that most miter saws do not even go beyond 100lbs unless they are extraordinarily huge.
  • The weight and the length of the dwx723 are considered to be better than that of the dwx724. The weight of the dwx724 is too heavy and this means that it will be hard to bring around. The length is also too long which can make it hard to fold and also bring for travel.

These are just some of the things that would have to be considered about the two miter stands that are made by the same brand. Do remember that the choice will be up to you. If you would like a portable stand that you can bring with you almost anywhere, then purchase the dwx723 but if you would like a portable saw that you can use to improve your work and you would not have to bring around almost everywhere you go, the dwx724 may be the better option.


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Click here to Check out DEWALT DWX724 Price on Amazon!