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Echo CS-590 vs CS-600P Review

You want a chainsaw that starts the first time. One that cuts wood like a hot knife through butter. A saw that works for you instead of you doing all the work. ECHO chainsaws have been gaining popularity over big names like Stihl because they do all these things well. Let’s look at these two models and see which one is right for you.

Echo CS-590

Echo CS-590

Echo CS-600P

Echo CS-600P






Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw with 20″ Bar

Here is a commercial-grade chainsaw that will help you quickly clear fallen trees and get cords of wood stacked up for winter. The Timber Wolf is used by homeowners, ranchers,and professional landscapers. Long-time chainsaw users have commented that they love this saw because it starts on the first pull and it has very little vibration, so it’s comfortable to use on big jobs.

There’s even more to love about the Timber Wolf. There are many thoughtful features to make using it so much simpler than other chainsaws.First, the starter cord is easy to pull because the user can press a button to lower the compression in the cylinder. (There’s no need to risk life and limb by drop-starting!)Next, the gas tank is translucent so the user can see how much fuel is left. Then the chain oils itself automatically, a major time-saver, and the oiling system is adjustable. Finally, the user can check the air filter without using tools. The air filter doesn’t fill up as fast as some saw filters do because of the G-force engine pre-cleaner design that sucks bigger debris out of the way.

The twenty-inch bar that comes with the Timber Wolf is laminated. It’s made of high-performance Pro-Lite chrome-moly steel with Pro-Am. It can be replaced with either 18 or 24-inch bars. Adjusting the chain tension only takes a minute. In the box, ECHO includes a tool they call a “scrench” for the tensioning screw and clutch cover nuts which are right on the side of the saw.

The Timber Wolf has helpful safety features, like the automatic chain brake. If the saw starts to kick back, the front hand guard hits the user’s hand and sets the brake, which halts the chain. The rear hand guard underneath protects the user’s hand from the chain if it breaks or comes off the groove. The user can install the kick guard at the end of the bar to make the saw even less likely to kick back.

If you like the Timber Wolf so far, you may fall in love with the CS-600P that we’ll discuss next.

More features of the ECHO Timber Wolf

  • Three different warranties: 5 years for residential use, 1 year for professional use, and 90 days if it’s used as a rental
  • 59.8cc, 2-stroke engine with 3.89Hp, plenty of power even for old, dry hardwood
  • Digital ignition
  • Spur sprocket (not quite as nice as the rim sprocket on the CS-600P)
  • Carburetor is a butterfly-valve diaphragm
  • Holds 21.8 fluid ounces of fuel
  • Weighs 3.2 pounds without the bar and chain, fuel and oil
  • In the box are the saw, bar, chain, tool, and manual
  • Owner’s manual has a lot of helpful information and ECHO’s website has many instructional videos

Echo CS-600P Gas Chainsaw, 20 Inch

The CS-600P doesn’t have a sexy name like the Timber Wolf but it has a few higher-grade parts. The engines are the same on both saws, but the CS-600P has a clutch drum with a replaceable rim sprocket. This saves money on maintenance down the road. Instead of a plastic handle, the CS-600P has aluminum with rubber overmold so it’s a little more comfortable to hold. The bar is made of PowerMatch, a true professional-grade material, not a laminate like the bar on the Timber Wolf. The bar nose is even replaceable. All of these features make this saw last even longer under hard use.

Another nice thing about the CS-600P is the fact that it can take a variety of bar lengths from 16-27 inches. This makes it a very flexible-use saw indeed.

Besides the few professional-grade differences, the CS-600P has the same excellent ease-of-use features and safeguards that the Timber Wolf has.

More features of the ECHO CS-600P Chainsaw

  • Weighs slightly more than the Timber Wolf at 13.3 pounds before adding bar, chain, oil, and fuel
  • 5-year warranty for residential use, 1-year for professional use, and 90 days if it’s used as a rental
  • 59.8cc, 2-stroke engine with 3.89Hp and digital ignition
  • Accepts bars measuring 16, 18, 20, 24, and 27 inches long
  • Holds 21.8 ounces of fuel
  • Butterfly-valve diaphragm carburetor
  • Comes with saw, bar, chain, tool, and manual


If you are using a chain saw regularly on tough jobs, it’s worth it to spend a little more on the CS-600P. In the long run the professional-grade features will cost less to maintain. You can also swap out the bar to different lengths.

If you are occasionally clearing trees or trimming branches, the Timber Wolf has plenty of power and will make your work much easier.

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